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Recent Stock Pitches

  • Outperform

    53 minutes ago by optioncoach (88.37) | Reply

    Energy Energy Energy. Enjoy the ride until FED talk comes back out and gets the dollar going.

  • Outperform
    GoPro, Inc. (GPRO)

    1 hour ago by DLester78 (68.63) | Reply

    this valuation is awesome for a growth company. risks are great but they are for any company. But the valuation here is lower than many other growth companies which makes this a value buy.

  • Outperform
    Dsw Inc (DSW)

    1 hour ago by legalwordwarrior (< 20) | Reply

    Christmas shopping season is upon us and with sales going up, they should do better than other retailers. DSW offers brand name shoes for deep discounts compared to other retailers who carry off-brand merchandise.

  • Outperform
    Infinera Corp. (INFN)

    1 hour ago by ScalaAnalyst (< 20) | Reply

    INFN Infinera Corporation 20150907

    I believe this is a good company that has a product that we will need for the next 4 of 5 years. They are in the an industry that provides optical telecommunications in an era where everybody needs fast... More

  • Outperform
    Essent Group (ESNT)

    3 hours ago by TMFFlygal (98.87) | Reply

    PMI insurance provider, works heavily with Wells Fargo among others.

    Growing with good combined ratio

  • Underperform
    Wpcs Intl Inc (WPCS)

    3 hours ago by SmartAce (99.90) | Reply

    Arachnoleptic Fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.

  • Outperform
    Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM)

    3 hours ago by 30andholding (89.23) | Reply

    I believe this is oversold due to lower than expected sales in China which comprises a significant amount of YUM's revenue. Still, the stock pays almost a 2% dividend at this price and I believe it will go up from here.

  • Underperform
    GoPro, Inc. (GPRO)

    3 hours ago by FlyHi100 (< 20) | Reply

    Very niche product with lots of cheaper competitors. Very hard to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

  • Underperform
    Fitbit (FIT)

    3 hours ago by FlyHi100 (< 20) | Reply

    The wearable market is flooded with competition at both the top end and low end of wearable fitness devices.

  • Underperform
    Sysorex Global Holding Co.. (SYRX)

    3 hours ago by SmartAce (99.90) | Reply

    Used to describe when somebody becomes angry because they are hungry.

  • Outperform
    Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (NMM)

    3 hours ago by nhuising (74.93) | Reply

    New trade deal will help out container shippers

  • Underperform
    Crescendo Bioscience, Inc. (MYGN)

    3 hours ago by Turtlebale (61.27) | Reply

    continued legal headwinds

  • Underperform
    Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)

    4 hours ago by HDTVBG (< 20) | Reply

    This is gonna be a really crappy quarter for my beloved Tesla, looks like they will not even come close to the revised yearly production estimate. Bright spot ahead will be sign-ups for the Model 3 waiting list in March 2016. Wait for TSLA to dip bac... More

  • Underperform
    Magnum Hunter Resources (MHR)

    4 hours ago by DeathStock (99.01) | Reply

    Chapter #11 is just around the corner. I think what I hate most about this situation is you now have some loud and crude Mexican screaming to the public how he is "Going to take control" and calling the CEO a "Pig" and publicly st... More

  • Outperform
    Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. (PACB)

    4 hours ago by NHWeston102 (< 20) | Reply

    If they can beat Illumina at their own gene=sequencing game, they're gonna get bot.

  • Outperform
    Caterpillar, Inc. (CAT)

    4 hours ago by pchop12316 (80.90) | Reply

    low PE & good yld

  • Outperform
    Apache Corp (APA)

    4 hours ago by NHWeston102 (< 20) | Reply

    When petrol starts back up, APA looks especially promising.

  • Outperform
    Huntsman Corp (HUN)

    4 hours ago by pchop12316 (80.90) | Reply

    too oversold

  • Underperform
    Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp (NYMX)

    4 hours ago by pchop12316 (80.90) | Reply

    likely a scam or if not little reason for optimism

  • Outperform
    Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM)

    4 hours ago by NHWeston102 (< 20) | Reply

    Too low - the turn around will eventually come whatever happens in China or they'll sell off assets to restructure [dumping "Pizza Butt" would be a great help!].

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