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Recent Stock Pitches

  • Outperform
    GameStop Corp. (GME)

    5 minutes ago by adamjbrinson (63.57) | Reply

    BUY BUY BUY! This stock is a bargain!

  • Outperform
    Alaska Air Group, Inc. (ALK)

    39 minutes ago by cpunzalan (< 20) | Reply

    Strong customer service. 8th JD Powers for customer service. Strong balance sheet. Increasing routes, Costa Rica, Raleigh, and Charleston. Strong first Quarter.

  • Outperform
    Markel Corp (MKL)

    45 minutes ago by Celtics17 (< 20) | Reply

    Tom Gayner!

  • Outperform
    Frontline Ltd. (USA) (FRO)

    48 minutes ago by nonzerosum (85.04) | Reply

    Earnings came out today and the numbers are very good. The valuation is way too low even for a mediocre business like shipping oil (cyclical with no competitive moat). It is trading at a P/E of ~3. They're using all the cash to pay down debt, and ... More

  • Underperform
    Star Scientific Inc Com (RCPI)

    54 minutes ago by zzlangerhans (99.80) | Reply

    It's got to take a certain amount of guts to be long a company who reports a cash position of virtually zero, and spends virtually no money despite claiming to be running clinical trials. Nevertheless, someone or something sent Rock Creek's share pri... More

  • Underperform
    Alibaba (BABA)

    1 hour ago by chrispycrunch (81.33) | Reply

    price target: 80

  • Outperform
    Restoration Hardware (RH)

    1 hour ago by davecomdmd (71.94) | Reply

    As high end houses are being built for all the new millionaires, they'll need higher end furnishings

  • Outperform
    Cvent, Inc. (CVT)

    1 hour ago by dcgatlanta (38.18) | Reply

    Cloud events planning service w/ limited competition. Has a chance to capture this market.

  • Outperform
    Coach, Inc. (COH)

    1 hour ago by bkinvest (< 20) | Reply

    Good entry point just like Michael Kors. My bullish outlook on both stocks is that being married for 23 years and from observation is that women like to own multiple purses and are willing to pay a premium to have a quality purse or accessory such a... More

  • Outperform
    Michael Kors Holdings (KORS)

    1 hour ago by bkinvest (< 20) | Reply

    Good Entry Point. One thing I know from being married 23 years and from observation is that women usually own more than one purse and are willing to pay a premium price to have a brand named purse or accessory such as Michael Kors or Coach. The cur... More

  • Underperform
    Delcath Sys Inc (DCTH)

    1 hour ago by zzlangerhans (99.80) | Reply

    Delcath is another long-term disaster being manipulated into a double, with at least part of the bait being a supposed "highlighting" of the company's Chemosat system at ASCO. The only problem is that if you were actually at ASCO, you won't... More

  • Outperform
    Leggett & Platt, Inc. (LEG)

    1 hour ago by StandfastAsset (54.62) | Reply

    Leggett is a nifty little company. They make a variety of things including beds. Lots of beds! They specialize in mattresses; design and engineering.

    This company always reminds me of the Richard Dreyfus character in the Disney movie... More

  • Underperform
    zulily, inc. (ZU)

    1 hour ago by pchop12316 (77.50) | Reply

    where are the positives for this company ???

  • Outperform
    Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (PRAN)

    2 hours ago by pchop12316 (77.50) | Reply

    lookingnear term for a big rebound

  • Outperform
    Twitter (TWTR)

    2 hours ago by SmoothHughes (79.23) | Reply

    New kind of business and first mover advantage. I use it myself and like it.

  • Outperform
    Opko Health, Inc. (OPK)

    2 hours ago by manirg (90.92) | Reply


  • Outperform
    Ani Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ANIP)

    2 hours ago by manirg (90.92) | Reply

    undervalued, has very high growth potential

  • Outperform
    Facebook, Inc. (FB)

    2 hours ago by motto1628 (40.41) | Reply

    review year by year

  • Outperform
    Spectra Energy Corp. (SE)

    2 hours ago by RLBOWERSOX (95.62) | Reply

    As middle-east oil becomes more scarce and expensive, natural gas will become more attractive.

  • Underperform
    GSCI Total Return Index (GSP)

    2 hours ago by SmartAce (99.88) | Reply

    When you don’t know, you know. When you know, you don’t know but you don’t know it. When you don’t know you know, so you really don’t know you don’t know, which means you really know if it is authentic.

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