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Recent Stock Pitches

  • Outperform
    Xenon Pharmaceuticals (XENE)

    4 hours ago by zzlangerhans (99.83) | Reply

    Xenon is yet another of the myriad biopharma IPO's since 2013 that I've tried to ignore because I simply haven't had time to add them to my database. In the case of Xenon, that's probably fortunate because I finally reviewed the company today and dec... More

  • Outperform
    Mobileye NV (MBLY)

    5 hours ago by EverBetterQ (44.02) | Reply

    In my view, this is the next Netflix or Apple. Come on. Cars that drive themselves. We have been dreaming about this since my father was a child and these guys are making it happen.

  • Outperform
    1347 Property Insurance Hldng (PIH)

    5 hours ago by OklaBoston (62.09) | Reply

    Low P/FCF (5.63) + insider buying since this fell below $10.

  • Outperform
    Ishares Trust Msci Eafe Etf (EFA)

    5 hours ago by EverBetterQ (44.02) | Reply

    European stimulus, weakening Euro, more growth in Europe to come once Greece is resolved.

  • Underperform
    Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF (GREK)

    6 hours ago by pavlos1971 (99.66) | Reply

    I am reasonably confident that the value of this index will dramatically drop once the greek stockmarket opens again sometime in July. I'm willing to bet that many of the investors and traders don't understand the terms of this ETF and don't underst... More

  • Underperform
    Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD)

    7 hours ago by pchop12316 (34.23) | Reply

    still falling off the cliff

  • Outperform
    Seadrill Partners LLC (SDLP)

    7 hours ago by pchop12316 (34.23) | Reply

    yield & a lot more that should be very rewarding near term

  • Outperform
    Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (AXAS)

    7 hours ago by pchop12316 (34.23) | Reply

    Must own now if you know anything about energy

  • Underperform
    Denny's Corp (DENN)

    7 hours ago by inprocess (< 20) | Reply

    Beginning my due diligence. So far, can't understand why this stock is valued where it is. Bad food and old ideas. No differentiation. Shrinking revenues but rising earnings as the quality of product goes down further. Touting of minor renovations ca... More

  • Underperform
    Kate Spade & Company (KATE)

    7 hours ago by inprocess (< 20) | Reply

    Bankruptcy in its future

  • Outperform
    BofI Holding, Inc. (BOFI)

    7 hours ago by inprocess (< 20) | Reply

    Rising boat.
    Fool favorite

  • Outperform
    SolarCity Corporation (SCTY)

    7 hours ago by inprocess (< 20) | Reply

    Misunderstood stock creating future value stream

  • Outperform
    Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ)

    7 hours ago by andrewtraylor (74.80) | Reply


  • Outperform
    Conformis, Inc. (CFMS)

    8 hours ago by derbydog85 (35.00) | Reply

    Huge growth opportunity with disruptive technology

  • Outperform
    SolarCity Corporation (SCTY)

    8 hours ago by GreggGilbert8 (< 20) | Reply

    Solar City has an excellent opportunity to put together a package deal with Tesla. Tesla's storage batteries will come down in price over the next three years, which will make Solar City's installations really work overtime. If customers can sell m... More

  • Outperform
    Costco Wholesale Corp (COST)

    9 hours ago by GreggGilbert8 (< 20) | Reply

    Customer service numbers are through the roof in comparison to most major stores, all varieties. By keeping the employees on the team, and teaching them to understand the customers' needs, they are locking that position down tightly. This ensures v... More

  • Outperform
    LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD)

    9 hours ago by optioncoach (96.04) | Reply

    This stock suffered a pull back down to where it was just after earnings due to the sell off on Monday. Nothing has changed and I think this is a good buy at this price.

  • Outperform
    Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV)

    10 hours ago by wstanislaw (37.12) | Reply

    Great business model, solid company. Under valued at 32.

  • Outperform
    ZAGG Incorporated (ZAGG)

    11 hours ago by OklaBoston (62.09) | Reply

    Low P/Sales on rising sales, primarily. The improving technicals help.

  • Outperform
    Zillow, Inc. (Z)

    11 hours ago by afaithfulsteward (46.35) | Reply

    I believe in the leader with a vision and a tremendous addressable market. The market has turned a cold shoulder to Zillow during the Trulia transition and it seems like shortsighted Mr Market is giving us a solid buying opportunity

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