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Recent Stock Pitches

  • Outperform
    Ford Motor Company (F)

    1 hour ago by kembs (60.45) | Reply

    Dividend play for me....But, this stock is on sale, just like in the 2008 era when I got it for 7$ or so (insane). Time to pick it up again this time around.

  • Outperform
    Mondelez International (MDLZ)

    4 hours ago by ssashamore (84.51) | Reply

    it's really kraft foods......they have several popular brands under this umbrella, and it's a good time to be buying. went up 2 pts since i put the order in!

  • Outperform
    Companhia Paranaense de Energia (ADR) (ELP)

    4 hours ago by OklaBoston (64.30) | Reply

    Bottom fishing speculation in a stock that has traded at more than twice it's last weekly close in the not-so-distant past.

  • Outperform
    Nordic American Tankers Limited (NAT)

    5 hours ago by DukeMontrose (34.17) | Reply

    Secure impressive cash yield of 15+%.
    Veteran CEO dedicated to make all shareholders, incl himself, rich.
    Equally impressive profit margin allows gradually higher dividends + gradual constant addition to fleet units.
    Those are kept sim... More

  • Outperform
    Zeltiq Aesthetics (ZLTQ)

    5 hours ago by kkconway (99.12) | Reply

    Get some shares while they are cold -- they will get hot soon enough. Chart looks like death, but this is no zombie. Huge opportunity.

  • Outperform
    TransDigm Group, Inc. (TDG)

    5 hours ago by kkconway (99.12) | Reply

    oversold. great moat; great managemnent.

  • Outperform
    Facebook, Inc. (FB)

    5 hours ago by TomFoolNC (28.30) | Reply

    doing the best job of monetizing their users, have the best info on their users for targeted adds

  • Outperform
    Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN)

    5 hours ago by JamieAusten (< 20) | Reply

    How many times AMZN fell and moved up, and, as a result, remained the winner. Well, it will continue to keep a good position. And yet at this level, it's a great buy.

  • Outperform
    Google A Shares (GOOGL)

    6 hours ago by JamieAusten (< 20) | Reply

    GOOGL is moving on and that goes without saying. Every quarter it shows excellent results. Are there still reasons to doubt it?

  • Underperform
    LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD)

    6 hours ago by JamieAusten (< 20) | Reply

    LNKD has already lost a lot and continues to lose more. And while it's at no more than $105.

  • Outperform
    Sunedison Inc. (SUNE)

    7 hours ago by iamvoltron (25.10) | Reply

    Difficult to understand and price, complex business model. Either goes to zero on high capital costs or could be an X-bagger. Very risky.

    Famed HF Einhorn is in this one, took activist position in January 2016, this provides some security:... More

  • Underperform
    Giga Tronics Inc (GIGA)

    8 hours ago by SmartAce (99.90) | Reply

    Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

  • Outperform
    China Yuchai International Limited (CYD)

    8 hours ago by OklaBoston (64.30) | Reply

    Bottom fishing speculation in a stock that scores well on a screen I'm testing.

  • Outperform
    NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)

    8 hours ago by pmac611 (< 20) | Reply

    why such poor performance over the last year?

  • Underperform
    Virtualscopics Inc (VSCP)

    8 hours ago by TSIF (99.96) | Reply

    Small fry..when you have to explain your ups and downs in expenses in each category by such things as one more hire, went to fewer conferences, etc.
    Sales are increasing, so companies this small can get big headlines from little actual result.More

  • Outperform
    Kohl's Corp (KSS)

    8 hours ago by TSIF (99.96) | Reply

    I often wonder how they can discount in some many ways and still make money...I assume some of the Kohl's cash goes unused since it has a short "shelf life", but I do know it's generally the first place some people shop. It can seem like a... More

  • Outperform
    VIVUS, Inc. (VVUS)

    9 hours ago by TSIF (99.96) | Reply

    THIS is a 110% spec play....
    How do you get 110%, heck if I know, but I must have been more insane than usual.

    Anyone who follows this pick of mine needs to use the other straight jacket they keep in my room.

    Looks like it... More

  • Outperform
    Richmont Mines Inc (RIC)

    9 hours ago by Paco57 (< 20) | Reply

    Locked into Goldilocks!

  • Underperform
  • Outperform
    Treasury Wine Estates (TSRYY)

    9 hours ago by Paco57 (< 20) | Reply

    Americans THINK Australian wines are the best. But the wines buy from AU are cheap in the USA. That's because these are the dirt wines of Australia.

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