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Recent Stock Pitches

  • Outperform
    Illumina Inc (ILMN)

    53 minutes ago by optioncoach (96.62) | Reply

    I'm going after this one again. Down at the 200DMA. Biotech got killed today. Well there may be a rotation happening, but this stock is down about 20-25% from the high. I think this is a great entry point. The government loves the search for ge... More

  • Outperform
    Harley-Davidson, Inc. (HOG)

    1 hour ago by optioncoach (96.62) | Reply

    Just because Guy Adami says to buy. Ok, that is part of it, but I think going into the summer and through this summer with low oil and a few extra dollars saved a motorcycle could be in the future of many new buyers. Plus I like the price near 55.

  • Outperform
    NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)

    1 hour ago by optioncoach (96.62) | Reply

    Earnings are coming for this one. I would be surprised to hear anything other than a beat from them. Apple is kicking but on everything and they are the product that will support the apple pay and all the transactions with devices. Love it.

  • Outperform
    AT&T, Inc. (T)

    1 hour ago by HOGridin (70.16) | Reply

    Verizon is too busy doubting its cell business and focused on cable de-bundling, slim bundling - what ever. Ma Bell should look good for the near term.

  • Outperform
    General Motors Company (GM)

    1 hour ago by HOGridin (70.16) | Reply

    While Ford struggles to bring the new efficient F150 in aluminum up to full production, GM is able to gain temporary market share in the highly profitable segment. As gas gets back to $3 and the F-150 is fully available, watch for promotions & in... More

  • Outperform
    United States Natural Gas Fund, LP (UNG)

    1 hour ago by tradeseeker14 (28.65) | Reply

    gap at 18,27

  • Outperform
    Peabody Energy Corp (BTU)

    1 hour ago by OklaBoston (65.60) | Reply

    CEO and 2 directors have between them made open market buys totaling over 30,000 share since this fell below $10.

  • Outperform
    InvenSense (INVN)

    1 hour ago by yeshua (< 20) | Reply

    Great oppurtunity

  • Outperform
    CVD Equipment Corp (CVV)

    2 hours ago by sulmundo (< 20) | Reply

    CVD a company with all kinds of coatings. The word is graphene may be next, but I have some doubts about this as I have read nothing conclusive about any connection with this product and CVD.

  • Outperform
    Comcast Corp (CMCSA)

    2 hours ago by jimhsu77479 (94.97) | Reply

    "Who roots for the cable company?"Well said. Therefore, I will enter in an outperform on this stock. Like it or not, Comcast is here to stay. Better that your portfolio benefits from it, if not your sanity. Plus, it's pretty cheap on valuat... More

  • Underperform
  • Outperform
    Superior Inds Intl Inc (SUP)

    3 hours ago by TMFDeej (99.32) | Reply

    Mario Gabelli's Gamco went active on $SUP “shareholders deserve representatives...who are truly committed to shareholder rights"http://online.barrons.com/artic... More

  • Outperform
    Supernus Pharmaceuticals (SUPN)

    3 hours ago by OklaBoston (65.60) | Reply

    Long term technicals look stronger than short term ones. Solid Q/Q numbers.

  • Outperform
    MannKind Corp (MNKD)

    4 hours ago by TMFTypeoh (85.05) | Reply

    Stock is been brutal for longs, but Afrezza looks promising. The action curve is so fast, it could be a game changer. Or, it could be a total failure. I'm willing to give a thumbs up to the longs at these prices. Multi bagger or a dud.

  • Outperform
    Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)

    4 hours ago by tommyty (42.18) | Reply

    Going to be around for a while

  • Outperform
    TripAdvisor LLC (TRIP)

    4 hours ago by tommyty (42.18) | Reply

    Great business. Buyout candidate. Sticky platform

  • Outperform
    Travelzoo Inc (TZOO)

    4 hours ago by OklaBoston (65.60) | Reply

    Improving technicals plus freedom from debt plus very high insider ownership.

  • Outperform
    Verizon Communications, Inc. (VZ)

    4 hours ago by billyford113 (< 20) | Reply

    4/21/15 beat wallstreet earnings. although it fell short in sales, the installment-plan smart phone adding value.

  • Outperform
    Proto Labs, Inc. (PRLB)

    5 hours ago by TMFOpie (97.74) | Reply

    A leading provider of quick-turn prototype manufacturing, with loyal customers and high repeat business. And a market that is quite large. Vicki Holt in place to take Proto Labs to $1b in sales. Thumbs up.

  • Underperform
    Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA)

    5 hours ago by trackjakeambrose (50.42) | Reply

    probably the junkiest are you kidding me crap company i still use. literally 50% of the time there is an issue at the check out lasting over 15 minutes. this company is dying for a sharp competitor to while them out. they only exist due to no competi... More

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CVD Equipment Corp CAPS Rating: 3 out of 5

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