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AlexisMachine (< 20)

??! Re-researching, ??!Stimulus Government Spending??! & Jobs Created "??or Saved??"



September 18, 2010 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: AIG , F , GE

*Re-researchers have just completed a $65,000,000 government study to determine if too much money is spent on government studies.  The results were inconclusive, and further studies are planned. 


* The Federal Government announced it has taken on a part time job to earn it's own money for once in all Government history as in fact by definition, "Government" is incapable of the activity known as Production in economic terms, in other words it cannot produce wealth like private sector business does and is a parasite relying solely on the "Private Sector Businesses to produce and the more production the better as this in turn leads to growth and profits in abundant quantities and the more profits the better for these are what the government taxes to get money and more profits equals more taxes collected for more money to fund the more Government activities.  Government has only three ways to get money which are to Tax, or to Borrow and thirdly to inflate so what it cannot get in taxes due to cowardly politicians fearful of taxing the people for what they have actually spent and must fund via another means.  One of which is to Borrow as we have done with China which has become our own national credit card with the trillions of dollars in our debt that it has purchased from us over the last number of years which has also become unpopular due to the large amounts of money being racked up in debts to pay for what the politicians have spent being unpopular with the majority of cognitively functioning citizens the cowardly politician dares not cross for the sake of avoiding what will be taking place on 11/02/2010 in the USA that they prefer to avoid.  This leaves the Politicians with only the third option which is too inflate which means to print the money it needs to pay it's debts which seems like a great concept at first but once it is realized the consequences of this which make it by far the worst concept of all and entirely man made in it's existence and only gotten rid of by man's taking decisive actions to kill the beast it once created in order to save itself that if not stopped will kill off the wealth and prosperity of the entire nation for which it was created in the first place by said nation printing of monies to pay it's bills rather than to tax or to borrow the monies to pay back in earnest the debts it owes other nations in an honest fashion.  The effect of printing money to pay bills is to cause the value of the money to drop in it's per unit purchasing power of products due to the addition of additional monies made up out of whole cloth or without the production and growth needed to create value and accumulate wealth giving actual value to the fruits of ones labors and the cost of buying other things of value for ourselves based on the same arrangement.  Money simply printed at the presses is money that is without value and thus simply adding worthless money to the amount of currency available chasing a finite number of goods at a given time that will increase in cost due to the lesser value of the currency that is received in payment for goods or services being unable to purchase the same amount of them for the same price due to 20% increases in the amount of money chasing the same amount of finite goods leading to the 20% increase in prices that common sense dictates such circumstances necessitate.  This is inflation and on a broad scale if done to often or for too much this will become hyper-inflation or the daily devaluation of currency that occurs when one has inflated the currency to the point of being worth less and less faster and sooner until it eventually becomes worthless or inflationary rates are reigned in by drastically reducing the money supply taking more and more currency out of circulation to make up for the monies printed and added earlier that were printed to pay bills back out thus raising the value of the currency by reducing it's supplies that are in great abundance thanks to the increases in supply caused by the dumping of additional monies freshly printed into the markets by using them to pay off debts and buy goods with.  Thanks to the brilliance of the new Administration and the wonders of "Hope and Change" a fourth way has been found for the Federal Government to get extra money to spend on Stimulus programs not that which it taxed out of the very economies businesses it now purports to stimulate by spending one dollar for every dollar it sucked out of the private economy in the form of taxation.  Nor that which it has borrowed adding more and more to the massive amounts of debts which will require that the people and economy be taxed in order for the monies to be re-paid at some later date and time nor merely dump the worthless currencies it has freshly printed into the fray by using such insidious means of funding for any reason due to it's scurrilous and pernicious dishonesties at the heart of such actions.  Now thanks to the fresh new progressive ideas known as Marxism that date back to only 1849 for thier being publicly disseminated as the Communist Manifesto as authored by Karl Marx the old ideas of the Bush Years are no longer needed for thier aged proven failures thanks to fresh new progressive thoughts and ideas based on regressive policies and regressive plans at the heart of Socialism in all it's many manifestations.  The US Government has gotten itself a paper route and will earn additional pocket money by getting up early and delivering newspapers door to door along some given routes for a fixed amount of cash per paper and paper per route turning into the extra funding the Government will now be earning doing the paper routes it can get done in the time it is spending on this new job and the income this will add to the coffers of the usual amounts that are taxed and borrowed as usual and have been for some years now.   

* Are you a Liberal weenie angry at the world and especially capitalist America that life isn't fair, people greedily want to keep the fruits of thier own labor to spend on themselves and thier loved ones and out of the liberal do-gooders hands to spend it on thier own favorite charitable causes and now that your precious time has been lost reading educational, factual information rather than the Statist Agit-prop you prefer?  Fear not Liberal weenies, your time has not been lost, although I did not create any measurable amounts of time for your use pursuing and peddling your usual Fabian tripe, fairy tales and Communist Canards you are well ahead on what I have saved you in time.  You see by reading this screed you have prevented yourself from having to spend the many years of education it takes for one to become learned in these historical economic facts, truths, and details that I have laid forth for you here thus for every minute "Lost" to educating yourselves reading this you gained a year of real academic learning and study otherwise needed to understand these basic and simple realities and the longer you spent the more years you have saved thanks to me and my genius means of creating that which I can and saving that which I cannot create.  It is thus that we have the 1 Trillion dollar Obama Stimulus to thank for the 9.7% unemployment rates we now enjoy which would have been closer to 17% if not for the stimulus spending or we used the same measures of unemployment that we did during the 1930S Great Depression that FDR's New Deal made worse and worse until WWII bailed us out of over a decade of misguided socialist stupidity gone wild.  Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!! For the Liberal weenie and the decades and centuries saved them by cumulative measure.  What this you say?  Not a Liberal Weenie well should you have failed to learn something yet from what you have read forthwith than you sound like your opposed to "Hope and Change” and the racist, bigot of a hate-monger that you are, it's un-American not to support Marxism, Socialism and Communism the pillars of our free market societies successful way to becoming healthy, wealthy and wise.  If this is so, stick your head between your legs and kiss your own arse.  Now you know what it felt like to pull the lever for Obama/Biden back in November of 2008 only with the added bonus of hindsight to add to the platitude you based your vote upon.  How's that working out for you now?:):):)   

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#1) On September 18, 2010 at 10:21 AM, RonChapmanJr (30.13) wrote:

I need a paragraph break...

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#2) On April 22, 2012 at 6:11 PM, AlexisMachine (< 20) wrote:

and i need a quaalude but ernie els is hogging it all so we ar both sol, sorry.

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#3) On April 22, 2012 at 6:43 PM, HahnChristie (< 20) wrote:

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