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10 Dividend Champions - Part III



December 22, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: MO , TGT , CWT

Here is a current sheet of stocks that increased their dividends year after year over a period of 25 or more consecutive years (U.S. Dividend Champions). The list begins with stocks that have the longest history in dividend increasing, starting with the year 1953. This article will be divided into several parts; more than 90 Dividend Champions will be presented.

Stocks with a long dividend history and consecutive increasing dividends are excellent candidates for a dividend income investor. Dividends are the main wealth contributor and they deliver nearly one third of the annual return in the long-run.

The average dividend-yield of the Dividend Champions list part II amounts to 2.57 percent while the average payout ratio is 0.70. The average P/E ratio is calculated with 31.41, price to sales ratio 2.37 and price to book ratio 3.56. Total debt to assets ratio is 23.87 leads to a return on equity of 20.69 percent. The operating margin amounts to 14.40 percent. Companies are traded at AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ as well as being part of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or Nasdaq Composite.

Here is the table of 10 Dividend Champions with some fundamentals:

Table of Dividend Stocks Part III... 


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2 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On December 22, 2010 at 3:53 AM, SockMarket (34.47) wrote:

with all due respect I see very little to get excited about here. I am no expert on the companies, but given the info you provided I see nothing to write home about.

My issues:

- None of them are likely to produce a safe, solid 7-10% CAGR gain over the next decade, which is essential for any good dividend stock; buying it otherwise is pointless

- None of the dividends, save MO (who isn't going to grow), has a dividend north of 6%, which is the cutoff line for any yield based investor

- There is no information on the growth rate of the yields. I am not going to do the digging to find out what it is (you ought to provide it) but I find it hard to believe that most of those companies could keep up 10%+ CAGR growth over the next decade (which they would have to do to be underpriced at their current yield)

- Some of the payout ratios (which should be in % BTW) are over 100%. Unless this is an accounting gimmick and they really do have cash flow to sustainably meet this dividend, and raise it by the above figure (in which case you would have done well to note it) I see no reason why I should touch those companies with a 10' pole, much less (a much shorter) dollar bill. 


There is alot of ciriticism here, but hopefully you can take it as constructive and improve your blogs.



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