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10 Most Annoying Trading Expressions On Twitter



May 13, 2011 – Comments (0)

For those of you who use Twitter as a part of your trading each day, it is a great way to find some concrete trading ideas as well as get breaking news well in advance of CNBC or Fox Business Channel. However, also on Twitter are a lot divas or those set on telling you how great of a trader they are or how smart they are, and if you subscribe to their trading system you can be just like them. Then there are those who just continue to use the same expressions over and over....and over again. To put it mildly, even if you unfollow them, their followers use the expressions, and if you unfollow them, well, someone is bound to retweet a tweet that was retweeted by a tweeter. So what I have done is compiled a list of expressions that are overly used and provide nothing for other traders that might be reading their tweets.

My football coach once told me that when you catch a pass, make a first down, or score a touchdown, to act like you've done it before - all the celebrations and dances makes it look like you've never done anything significant in football. Now while I'm sure that these people who are using the expressions listed below may have experienced some success in the markets, their 'tweets' lead me to believe that they haven't. So stick to the facts, and knock off the "look-at-me, look-at-me" shenanigans that make you look like nothing more than a buffoon to the large majority of tweeters.

The 10 Most Annoying Twitter Expressions:

1. "I called the top yesterday - hope you all followed my advice" - You want a star? A Smiley Face? an "at-a-boy!". Give me a break - you're not as good as you think you are. These are the same people that typically think that a dollar (if that) that they make in the stock market is somehow different than the dollar you or I make. 

2. "Boom", BOOOOOOM", BOOOOOM!" "Boom Boom" or "KaBoom!" or any similar variation - for some reason just when I think I have weeded out all the "booms" from my twitter feed, someone decides to retweet one. Gotta say - probably the dumbest expression by far that I have come across. I think it is honestly a way of camouflaging inadequacies in other areas ;)

3. "TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK" - Thank you Captain Obvious! We didn't need you to say it to realize it.

4. "FLASH-CRASH!" - the ultimate contrarian signal - every time someone mentions flash crash I load up on SSO. One of my most reliable trading signals out there.

5. "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE" - You really need that many "E's"?

6. "I called that yesterday", "I called that last week", or "I called that 3 years ago" - this is another one of those, - I really don't freakin' care about, nor does anyone else. Twitter seems to be full of broken clocks that are right twice a day.

7. "Me and my subs just made $$$ on (insert symbol)" - Frankly I don't care about your subs. Tell them about it. We all know you're underlying motive for using the word "subs" is to try and make others think you are some kind of wicked skee-daddy and get more subs - kind of makes you no better than some low-grade email spammer.

8. "Going to nibble on some (insert symbol) here." - This expression has yet to make any sense to me so far - what the heck is a nibble? $2 or $2,000,000? 1/4,1/2 or a full position? If you are going to say that - at least give a price - if you're confident enough to give the advice out, be confident enough to give the price out. You make yourself look as if you trying to keep your entry in the gray area so that you can ultimately claim victory, regardless of how the trade turns out.

9. Going to sell 1/2, Going to sell another 1/2, going to sell another 1/2, going to sell another 1/2, and another 1/2. Okay - Closed the position out." - Hard to take serious these homers that keep pulling out 1/2 positions from thin air. Might want to start going with 1/4's since it might help in believability.

10. Submitted by members: "Bounce", "I predicted that...", and "Just sayin" - kind of like the sports announcer who constantly uses the expression "incredible" or "amazing" - just overkill.

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