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Varchild2008 (84.35)

10 things your Smartphone can't do, that PS VITA can!



November 13, 2011 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: WMT , BBY , GME

Can your Smartphone do this?  PS VITA

1)  Multitouch screen:  
Not only can you touch the front screen like you can on a smartphone to activate applications, navigate the internet, and so on...  But, you can touch the back of the PS Vita as well to activate applications, navigate, and so on.

Can your Smartphone do that?

2)  6 Axis Multi-Sensor:  Can your smartphone provide you with 6 Axis Multi-Sensor?  This means you can litterally play around with a 3D image....pinching it...moving it...and so on.

Can your Smartphone do that?

3)  Built-in Social Networking:  Can you instantly Voice or Text chat with friends while playing any game you want like you can on the PS Vita?  Or while navigating the Internet?

Can your Smartphone do that?

4)  Pick up where you left-off:  Have a Playstation 3 and see no need to buy a PS Vita, but instead
you want an Apple iPhone or an HTC EVO, or a Samsung Galaxy SII, or a NEXUS Droid Phone?
Only the PS VITA can allow you to pick up the progress you made in a Playstation 3 game right on your portable gaming device.

Can your Smartphone do that?

5)  Dual Stick Controls:  Can your Apple 4GS allow you to switch from Touch Screen controls to Dual Stick Controls so certain games that work better with a joystick style control scheme you simply switch to the Dual Sticks?  The PS Vita can!

Can your Smartphone do that?

6)  5 inch OLED screen:  What screen size is your Smartphone?  Is it as big as the PS VITA's
5 inch OLED screen?

Can your Smartphone do that?

7)  Quad-Core Gaming:  PS VITA has QUAD CORE.

Can your Smartphone do that?

8)  Uses Front/Rear Cameras for Augmented Reality Gaming:    PS Vita, just like the Nintendo 3DS, will provide for Augmented Reality style gaming utilizing the Front and Rear Cameras.
You walk around with the device and can play games based on the game changing/manipulating what you see through your cameras.

Can your Smartphone do that?

9)  Curved Design provides best Gaming Feel:   Is your Smartphone structured best for playing Games or making Phone Calls?  The PS VITA couldn't care less about Phone Calls, because it doesn't do that.  It instead conforms best to your hands with a curved design so you can game without getting hand cramps.

Can your Smartphone do that?

10)  Left/Right Shoulder Buttons + 6 axis controlls:  Does your Smartphone have left and right Shoulder buttons plus along with the Dual Stick controlls, also a 6 axis flat button controlls?

Can your Smartphone do that?

And can it do all of that for just $250 base model,  $300 Wifi + 3G model  price tag?

Right... I didn't think so.

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#1) On November 13, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Varchild2008 (84.35) wrote:

Oops!  More like 8 Axis controlls..


ahh well you get the point.

The "Smartphones are going to replace Portable Gaming Machines" argument falls on its butt when you consider how dysfunctional the smartphone really is for supplanting a Machine specifically designed for gaming.

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