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10 Year Treasury Note Rate Forecast



October 21, 2011 – Comments (1)

WYNNE’S INTEREST RATE FORECAST  The following interest rate forecast is for the 10 year US Treasury note. The forecast is based on proprietary indicators. The forecast is revised weekly.  PerformanceLast week I wrote, “The market is in a unique place. For the upcoming week rates are likely to peak on or about 10/19 in the 2.23% to 2.3% range. Thereafter, they could either move lower in the range of 2.06% to 2.21%, bottoming out on or about 10/27, or, if rates do not move significantly lower by 10/20 or 10/21, rates will resume their upward move to the 2.25% to 2.41%, peaking on or about 10/28.”  Since that forecast, the rate on the ten year Treasury note hit 2.24% on 10/17 and 10/24, closing the week at 2.2%. The low for the week was 2.10% on 10/18. The forecast continues to perform well.   October 23, 2011·        Monthly data indicate the interest rate on 10 year Treasury note is near its bottom.  Weekly data shows the market is starting to move up while daily data suggests an inflection point where rates can move in either direction. ·        If you are a trader:o       The ten year rate will brake on Monday 10/24. A move lower is more probable with the likely range 2.05% to 2.16%, bottoming on or about 11/4. A mover higher will trade in the 2.22% to 2.31% range, topping out on or about 10/28.   WYNNE’s Interest Rate Forecast is provided as is without any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 

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#1) On October 21, 2011 at 6:16 PM, constructive (99.96) wrote:


Rates are either going to go slightly up or slightly down over the next week.

Megashort’s Interest Rate Forecast is based on propietary indicators, including but not limited to star alignment and the position and color of animal entrails.

Megashort’s Interest Rate Forecast is provided without any warranty, except that it is guaranteed to be useless for any investment purpose.

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