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Varchild2008 (83.81)

$12.00 Milestone! ATVI + Prototype Hype!



May 29, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

yay!!!!    ATVI  hits a milestone today... Now Intra-Trades at $12.00 a share.  Only time will tell if this one closes at $12.00.

My thoughts regarding whether ATVI is overbought at $12.00???

That's hard to say... A lot of this has to do with the fact that the Video Game NPD Sales are due next week and there's plenty of reason to expect good things...  Plenty of reason to expect disappointment as well though.

Reasons ATVI is justified at $12.00 a share:

1)  Guitar Hero Metallica sales  COULD have possibly picked up steam in May.

2)  X-men Origins Wolverine  released in the beginning of May and early signs in the conference call were showing strong sales.  Did that strength continue all month long?  I personally bought the video game and I've had and am still having a wonderful time with the game.  It's one of the few Movie Based game titles that has scored good ratings... Especially since the Terminator Salvation game was absolutely HORRIBLE in Critic Review Scores.

3)  Tons of a really really kewl games are coming out in June for ATVI....  Right of the gate is PROTOTYPE!!!  Ships June 9th... Hits retail shelves by June 10th.  This one is waaaaaaay under the radar for most Activision Blizzard investors.... But, this one I have been hyping for quite awhile on my blog.

Why?     1 word..... INFAMOUS!!!!     INFAMOUS!!!     Baby..

Look how well  INFAMOUS  did.... Both in Sales and in Critic's Review of the game.

If Prototype is even 90% the quality of INFAMOUS  (Playstation 3 Game) then we are looking at a tremendous sales boost from out of nowhere.   The fact that Prototype gets between 4-7 in most anticipated Game Title on GAMESPOT's  XBOX360 section is also a plus.  I of course refer to the rankings that are created based on page views.

Prototype just like Infamous is an open world action game.  But, the ability to Shapeshift is what separates Prototype from Infamous.  Other than that... Those 2 games are very much alike....

When it comes to May's  NPD scores..... FOCUS on SALES... of INFAMOUS in order to predict how well PROTOTYPE will sell.

In fact.. That is another interesting way to determine if ATVI is justified at $12.00.  If no one is buying Infamous... Then there's little hope for Prototype. Otherwise... Jump on board the Bandwagon if INFAMOUS's Sales are way up.

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#1) On May 29, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Varchild2008 (83.81) wrote:

Since INFAMOUS  sells only for the Playstation 3.... That means a lot of XBOX 360  video gamers who do not own a Playstation 3 console will be sitting around deeply jealous and disappointed that INFAMOUS is exclusive to Playstation 3.

Those Video Gamers, I know because I AM ONE, usually begin to search in desperation for a "Similar Video Game" that is for the XBOX 360.  So along comes PROTOTYPE.. And if it impresses the Critics and Impresses Video Gamers who have pre-ordered copies and post their comments on Game Review Message Boards...

Put 2 and 2 together... XBOX 360 Video Gamers are salivating for an excellent Quality OPEN World  Game Title right now since they have been left out of INFAMOUS.

If Prototype... can be that "Great Game" for INFAMOUS Jealous Video Gamers.... Then a nice Sales Spike will not just occur.. but it will carry on into the Christmas Holiday Season and we could be seeing Prototype in the Top 20 most Bought Game Titles several months in a row on NPD ratings.

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