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1950s "The Truth" on Taxes



August 30, 2010 – Comments (1)

A Commenter named Quiron asked me about the 1950s as proof that High Taxation still results in economic boom times.

Well.... You would have to completely ignore the fact that the 1950s consisted of not 1 but 2 of America's and Canada's biggest construction projects ever.

In 1954 we had the St Lawrence Canal (apologize it's late and I am tired typing this) between America and Canada.  That created tons of jobs developing that.

We also had in the 1950s the International Highway Project... Massive... One of the biggest Construction Spending Projects in U.S. History.

So that sorta..lopsidedly distorts the economy quite a bit.

But....   TAXATION in the 1950s  is not as it may seem.....

SEE?   Look at the far right column.  That column shows you when Top Marginal Income Taxes take effect.

Throughout the 1940s they took effect after you make $200,000 or more.

In the 1950s... You have had to make $400,000 or more in a year before suffering the top marginal rate.   And the Top Marginal Rate was basically smaller in size than in the Mid 1940s.

So this stuff needs to be analyzed.

Also... Dwight D. Eisenhower cracked down on Illegal Immigration.  Extraditing Thousands out of the country.  People don't know about this cause many sources do not mention it.  But this one does: (And Rush Limabugh has made mention of this fact on his radio show):

How Dwight Eisenhower Solved Mexican Illegal Border Crossings.    A Good Read folks!  Especially for LEFT of CENTER types that think HIGHER TAXES =  Better Economy.

The truth is you need to look at more than TAXES to really understand the truth.

President Eisenhower never interferred with the private sector... He didn't raise regulations and rules and enact moratoriums and environmental restrictions....  He left business alone to grow.

While doing so he also worked to repair relations with Russia and other nations.
Threw away Mossadeq and replace him with the SHAH.

There's a lot of history liberal lefties need to sink their teeth into.
I know I brushed up on my Eisenhower  needs to do the same:-)

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#1) On August 31, 2010 at 11:05 AM, Dow3000 (< 20) wrote:

The best kind of politician is one that you hear little about, that stays out of your business, one that realizes the only way to solve the worlds' problems is by allowing the free market to solve government knows what is best for the people...only the people know what is best for them.  Aggregate market forces are always smarter than any one individual.

Government cannot help an economy grow, but it can and does hurt growth with taxes and regulations...that isn't to say no government is not necessary but the happy balance is much much smaller than we have today.

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