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2009 Video Game Sales... Can't Blame Varchild!



December 22, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EA , ATVI , TTWO

What do you get when you cross:

Street Fighter IV
Star Ocean
Dragon Age Origins + 2 DLCs
5 Mystery Case Files games, Wheel of Fortune, Syberia - Big Fish Games software
John Madden 2010 NFL
Batman Arkham Asylum
APPLE iphone APP Store:  Ravensword + Space Ace + Monopoly + Dragon's Lair
Marvel Ultimate Alliance II + DLC
Call of Duty Modern Warefare II Prestige Edition w/Nightvision Goggles
Tekken 6 Limited Edition w/Fight Stick
Punch Out
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Call of Duty Modern Warfare I + DLC
Magic the Gathering + DLC   (XBOX 360 Live)
Origins of Wolverine
World of Warcraft 6 month subscription + Lich King + Burning Crusade

with NPD 2009 video game sales showing a steep decline year over year?

One really....confused Video Game addict whose just going to have to work harder next year I guess *shrug*....  I'll get those 2010 numbers up!  Afterall....Starcraft II + Bioshock 2 is coming!

P.S. Anyone that makes the claim that 2009 was a POOR year for quality video games does not know what he/she is talking about.  There is an equally large a list of 2009 video game releases for the handhelds that were incredible....ZELDA for the DS was out this year for example.  I didn't buy HALO ODST but can't forget that title.... I didn't buy Cryostasis but that was a quality PC game according to the reviews. 

2009 was simply the best year for Video Games in Console Video Game history. 
But 10+% Unemployment is why sales slipped year over year.

And unfortunately as long as we stay in double digit unemployment we can not expect miracles in 2010.   But, we also can not neglect the fact that 2010 has an incredible list of quality titles much like 2009.  Here's my shopping list of titles I am interested in 2010:

AAAA) Final Fantasy 13 <----------------------------------------------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A) Starcraft II
B) Bioshock II
C) Blur
D) John Madden 2011 NFL
E) 2K Sports Baseball
F) Singularity
G) True Crime   HK  
H) Nintendo DS  <----- I am interested in an upcoming new version of the DS w larger screen
I)  Playstation 3 <------ I may buy a PS 3 next year
J) Super Street Fighter IV  <--- depends on what's NEW about it versus the current version
K) Cataclysm
L) DLCs to include Call of Duty and aforementioned game titles in this list + Serious Sam XBOX live.

And perhaps we get Microsoft's NATAL in 2010?  Who knows... but 2010 clearly looks superior in game quality to 2009.

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