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XMFTwitty (71.12)

2011 Feste Award Winner Announced!



April 04, 2012 – Comments (6)

The results are in, and thanks to all who nominated and voted for the 2011 Feste Award!


Winner: LeKitKat!


Still working at my day job and undecided on when to stop. Investing is harder work yet and unless you want to give it over to advisors, professional managers or indexing, you are stuck with it for life--during wage earning years and that long vacation AKA retirement. 

We learn from doing our own investing, from successes and even more from mistakes. Along with the rest of the world, my investment work has gotten more interesting, more difficult and a lot more frustrating since 2008-2009. Plenty of mistakes showed up in my own investment practice and theory with the strange and unhealthy turn the world economy took. Being part of a community helped keep me from making even bigger mistakes. There is huge value in having intelligent peers to talk with who are going through the same stresses. The public boards overseen by the Fool remain one of the best places to get together and offer a virtual shoulder to cry on or raise a celebratory pixelated glass of wine for small victories.

First Runner-Up: OrmontUS


While the Fools offers a bewildering plethora of boards, I’ve been found posting most frequently on METAR (Macro Economics Trends & Risks).  I’ve come to the conclusion that “money makes the world go round” and Macroeconomics is all about how money flows from one market to another.  Because I am a self-taught investor, I sometimes see issues and opportunities from a different perspective than professionals might and try to explain those “alternative realities” in case others might find them useful. I have had the good fortune of traveling broadly and have seen firsthand the results of hyper-inflation, deflation, currency black markets and places where gold is considered “real money” (and paper money just a convenience between buying and selling gold).  The recent changes in my life, have allowed me to travel more broadly and widely than in the past and allow mw to evaluate firsthand the stuff that the news is made of (as well as causing me to change handles from Washcomp to OrmontUS).

This background has given me a perspective on how to interpret our domestic macroeconomic trends and hopefully a way to separate the wheat from the chaff in the news. I am not a perma-bear, perma-bull nor perma-goldbug, but rather attempt to “make a buck” from a global perspective through investing. While I am not in the business of investing, I try to run my asset allocations as if they were a business with balancing risk against reward across all asset classes. While my business and engineering background force me to take a quantitative approach, I feel that a qualitative approach is required as well if I am going to have a windshield view anywhere near as clear as the one in my rearview mirror. I have a constant willingness to be shown where I am wrong as it’s better to take a hit to one’s ego than to one’s pocketbook. Besides METAR, I am prone to lurk on a number of boards including the most frequently the Mechanical Investing, Deranged Monkey Criticism, Value Hound, Best Travel Spots and the BMW Method boards as I try to learn new skills and techniques.

Because of my tendency to hedge various investments through the use of foreign currencies, I am constantly confused by whether I am “making money” or simply protecting the purchasing power of money against devaluation and inflation and how best to interpret the value of my investments in “global” terms. I try very hard not to take myself too seriously.

It’s all so confusing to me :-)

Second Runner-Up: Devoish


From the Nomination:

I would like to nominate Devoish:

Steven knows vehicle repair inside and out and has always been very helpful, plus he has considerable character and respect for fellow community members. Here are a few of his posts from 2011:

He contributes a great deal to the community in a VERY professional manner.


From the Nomination:

dfish posts a list of Dividend Champions monthly, which is an invaluable resource for those of us interested in quality stocks with a history of reliable dividend payouts.

You don't find the flash in those posts, as a rule, the real mechanics are in the charts and graphs (free downloads!) which he links on a more chart and graph friendly site.

While he puts his links mainly on the Dividend Growth Investing Board and the Drip Investing board, they eventually find their way to METAR, Retirement Investing and other places where people have similar interests, which is to say: making money.

The charts are generally accompanied by articles which appear elsewhere (Seeking Alpha), but everything is provided free, timely, and, did I mention, free.

I nominate dfish for his selfless, thorough, and useful work which benefits anyone who wants to spend the minimal amount of time needed to download a spreadsheet and be introduced to the world of safe, reliable investing. I can't imagine what use he might make of the free Fool products should he win, but I'd sure like to see.

If he wins, I'm going to demand he cut me in for a share of the revenue he generates from these free downloads, which I anticipate will be in the several millions of nada.



I credit motley fool with turning me into a successful DIY investor. My background is English literature not finance, but I have enjoyed applying my research skills to learning about companies, industries, etc. Also the more I read the more I realize how little I understand about that paradox called "money." The real asset on MF is the people. I've made some genuine friends here who have greatly built my morale doing my tough experience with cancer. MF puts a human face to investing. CAPS is very much a participatory sport. I've learned a lot here since I started my involvement in 2006 and I still have a lot more to learn, so I plan to keep gleaning in the fields of stock ideas and investment advice. Thank you! 


Thanks to all those who nominated, and congratulations to all the nominees!  

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#1) On April 04, 2012 at 5:26 PM, EnigmaDude (51.80) wrote:

Hurray, congratulations!  So what does the winner get?  Le fuzzy little mouse?

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#2) On April 04, 2012 at 8:57 PM, scruffy4life (89.34) wrote:

Scruffy was overlooked once again..[sniff..single tear rolls from eye]

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#3) On April 05, 2012 at 6:44 PM, devoish (85.41) wrote:


I have read some of your posts and replies. You really deserved to win. Thanks from all of us.


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#4) On April 09, 2012 at 1:17 AM, TMFAdmiral (45.48) wrote:

My favorite kitty LeKitKat has finally won the Feste & long overdue I say

Congrats to Jean and all the other nominees


Best Regards



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#5) On April 10, 2012 at 11:17 AM, lemoneater (58.88) wrote:

I'm honored to tail LeKitKat and the others :)


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#6) On April 10, 2012 at 12:32 PM, TMFWysocki (< 20) wrote:

Congratulations Jean!

 And congrats to all the runner-ups!


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