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2013 Turning point - portfolio liquidated...



June 19, 2013 – Comments (0)

Hello all,

Just thought i'd note this because 4/5 times in the past, when I've made a distribution or exited a large position in my brokerage account, the market makes a move in exactly the direction I was betting on just to taunt me.  I liquidated my portfolio yesterday (90% of it) to get funds into deposit for my first house purchase.

But if anyone was curious as to how my portfolio was positioned, the short answer is, short on stocks. I had a long-short portfolio in which the short positions outweighed the longs considerably.  So if my personal history is to repeat, my liquidation will cause the market to fall within 60days (it already did today but it wasn't that large a move).

Even if it does and I miss out on big gains, I will be totally fine, because, in 2013, I had uncanny gains;

2013 the market has gone up, alot.  For a short portfolio, my portfolio was expected to go down, but it didnt, in fact, my portfolio was up 32% from December through yesterday!  Most of this could be attributed to a large position of my portfolio in the short of INFI (and a couple of others - some longs).  I lucked out as a strong up market would've normally decimated my portfolio causing me to be down for the year (especially considering that I was LEVERAGED!).  But not only was I up, but up big!  Granted the INFI position itself ended up being a net loss overall, but that loss shrunk considerably.

I was lucky.

I will miss the slow motion gambling but will try aggressively to earn savings to get back in my portfolio.

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