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28 Cases of Swine Flu in NYC already..



April 27, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DVA

Bird Flu caused Kidney problems so I expect that Swine Flu is not much different and will also cause Kidney problems.

A company that will benefit from kidney problems in patients is?

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Bird flu sets in India. Be aware!
 December 8th, 2008
We all are well aware of that fact that bird flu is dangerous and can devastate the ongoing businesses dealing with poultry. How many of us are conscious of the fact that it has the potency to affect the humans as well? Yes it’s a fact and I am not dreaming. It can put the lives of human beings at risk and does lead to deaths at times. What are the symptoms of this disease? Well, at the beginning the symptoms of it are just similar with any other form of ordinary flu. You will be arrested with fever, cough, muscle aches and short breath. However, you are required to be conscious of your temperature always. If it remains lower it may be the result of any common flu. But, if the temperature goes up to 38 degree, it is the result of bird flu.

Your first duty is to consult with a doctor at the very commencement. It may be that you become victim of diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting. But, if you get reluctant, you will be the only sufferer in the long run. Furthermore, if you are related with any sick poultry, you should be the first person to go for tests. Never forget that bird flu ought to be treated within two days after having fever of 38 degrees or else worst may happen. Never forget that lung happens to be the most affected organ (as a result of this disease) and leads to the patient’s death. It has also been found that bird flu is exerting adverse effects on kidneys and for that reason more kidney problems are being witnessed.

Why am I saying all these? The only reason is that bird flu has become established in India and after Assam it is the turn of the northeastern states of Tripura and Mizoram. The two states have already sounded bird flu alert. It has come to the knowledge that the disease is spreading throughout Assam like a wild fire and not les than 100,000 poultry have already been culled in this state.

It’s really strange that bird flu returns to India after a very short interval. What does the governments of India do? There is no answer from them!

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