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3/18/10 Midday Report: Market pauses to watch NCAA tournament, hopes boss isn't looking



March 18, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: WGO , NKE , TEVA

There was a flurry of economic data released today but unfortunately it was less decisive than a sugar addict with a severe case of ADD in a candy store with only $.50 to spend.  Consumer prices remain unchanged, rising only .1% sequentially excluding food and fuel (or as they're better known as, essentials).  Consumer prices are now up 2.1% since last year but that is not enough for policy makers to be concerned about inflation as they they continue to test their thesis that if they ignore it, it will just go away.  In other macro news, the index of leading economic indicators was up .1% which was the smallest gain in a year and could signal slower growth ahead.  Of course since this is a ridiculous metric Money McBags could give a sh*t what it says.  He cares about as much about the leading economic indicators index as he does about creationism, show tunes, or Roseanne Barr's vagina.  New claims for unemployment  also came out and were down 5k to 457k which is still too high to signal a recovery (though no longer as high as Ron Washington during the seventh inning stretch).  Unemployment remains stagnant but at least the volatility has abated for now which is good news for anyone who still has a job, though remains bad news for those looking for one. Finally, manufacturing in the Philadelphia region rose again and at the fastest pace this year which should be good for handgun owners and anyone brave enough to drive into Philly to pick up whatever is being produced there.

In international news, Greece is dong a worse job of staying out of headlines than Peggy Eaton in 1829 (and for the record, Money McBags would love to have seen her petticoat).  Oh Greece, Money McBags thought he was done with you but you keep coming back like indigestion from a saganaki appetizer.  We all really wanted to believe in your austerity plan and the EU's tacit promise to back you up (thus figuratively taking you the Greek Way), but now there are doubts that the EU will really bail you out and Money McBags is stuck trying to think of more jokes about Hellenic culture.  Ugh.  Honestly, Money McBags may be more tapped out than Pheidippides during the Persian Wars.  So please EU, just bail these f*ckers out or let them collapse but finish it already.  Otherwise Money McBags is going to have to start dipping into his Socrates pedophile jokes ("Did you know Socrates tried to start a clown college?  Yeah, he let his students juggle his balls.") and noboby wants to hear those.  Making things worse is Greek Prime Minister George Papadapolis trying to engage in some type of bail out game of chicken with the EU and German leader Angela Merkel (who in this pic gives a new definition to Merkle's boner) by claiming if the EU does not commit to a bail out plan, he will run like a jilted lover to the IMF to get some of that sweet sweet sugar.  The IMF coming to bail out Greece.. READ MORE... INCLUDING ANALYSIS OF WGO'S Q...

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