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330 Million People....Fewer and Fewer Jobs....



August 29, 2011 – Comments (1)

If you want to see areas where the populations substantially exceed the number of jobs in Economic systems requiring jobs to survive....take a trip to Africa.

Now that technology is rapidly replacing industrial jobs....we are seeing more and more places in America economically collaspe like Detroit and the Rust Belt and much of Florida and Arizona not to mention an increasing number of places in California and New York....despite the fact that government is borrowing OVER $1.5 Trillon dollars per year.

You simply can't stop the accelerating rate of technology advancing and replacing human labor.....

in a world where a job is a person's identity and means to can become the terrorist in a jobs based system where a employment drives a person's freedom.

Rick Perry Says Social Security is Ponzi Scheme

That is 60,000,000 getting a check every month from that Ponzi scheme driving trillions into our economy.

As fewer people have jobs....fewer people can buy homes.....

Contracts to Buy Homes Fell 1.3% in July

As fewer people buy homes....home prices crash

Number of Short Sales on the Rise

and fewer people have pay into Social Security that tens of millions depend on....

Comerica Inc. - 300 in Houston

Swedish Bank Nordea - 2,000

City of Upland CA - 15 Layoff Notices

Central Washington Hospital - 80

Bombardier - Layoffs Possible due to lack of orders

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#1) On August 29, 2011 at 3:01 PM, YM7820 (88.74) wrote:

Alstry, I have been on for a couple of years. I have seen a lot of your posts. I do agree about two things that you say- the financial situation of the USA leaves a lot to be desired and regular people will end up paying (and already are) for the mismanagement. I also agree that technology is replacing a lot of human labor.

As far as our financial situation goes, it is not a good thing that we are so in debt- but the fact is that we also have the most resources to get out of debt. The other side of the coin is, who will make us pay? If its all a ponzi scheme, the other nations are so tied into it that it wouldnt be to their benefit to uncover it. China? We buy most of their products. Russia? India? It may be bad to say but that's what we have all that firepower for. No one will be able to get their money back if we choose not to pay it.

Furthermore, technology might be (has to be) what pulls us out of this mess. Every day, tech startups gets millions of dollars in funding. These are young people (mostly) building the new frontier (internet.) Remember, the internet is infinite so long as we can connect to it. Enormous amounts of money are being made every day for rather simple programs. I think its exciting. I dont think this is the end of the world- I think its a massive shift that a lot of people might not be ready for. People who are on the ball will find out what needs to be done and do it. Others will benefit from the expansion of this 'new world' so long as they can adapt to its requirements. Others wont make it.

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