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4 Common Ways A Phishing Site May Reach You



May 08, 2018 – Comments (0)

The internet has connected people from all ends of the world and brought communication to a whole new level. Unfortunately, with these good things came the criminals who saw the internet as a great way to commit fraudulent acts also, thus, the concept of phishing sites was born.

A phishing site is a website totally bugged and controlled by a hacker which means that everything you do in the website and everything you type will be his.

A phishing site can be very well disguised and can reach you through the following common methods:

Through Email

Have you ever received an email from the bank asking you to update your bank details right away? Well, banks do not practice updating information online and any sensitive information regarding your bank must be transacted offline which means that what you encountered was a phishing email.

Phishing emails can direct you to a phishing site where hackers can get your credentials such as bank account details.

Through an Online Ad

Another common way you can reach a phishing site is through online advertisements. Everything can be Google-d nowadays and legitimate companies use search engines to promote their products. However, malicious attackers also saw this opportunity to bring people closer to their phishing traps.

False ads will look legitimate up until the point where you will be redirected to a site asking you to give your credentials in exchange for what you’ve clicked the ad for.

Through a Fake Login Page

When it comes to malicious attacks, there is a concept called brand abuse. Brand abuse includes impersonation of official sites and hackers can use impersonated sites with domains almost identical to the official site the phishing site is impersonating.

You search for the login page you are looking for, you click the website that you thought was the official one, you enter your details, your details are sent to the hackers. Simple.

Through a “Representative”

This one is perhaps the sketchiest but the most persuasive way how a phishing site can reach you because it uses the most powerful tool a hacker can use: the human conversation.

May it be through email, through chat, or through social media platforms, a hacker can contact you and extract valuable information from you simply by acting as a representative of a well-known company. The hacker can simply contact you, sweet talk you, and ask for you to fill out certain forms as required by the company the hacker is supposedly representing.

Identifying malicious websites is an important skill to develop for you and for your business if you have one. However, if you want to be extra safe, you can try phishing site takedown services.

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