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5 interesting stocks for Wednesday March 3. 2010



March 03, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: COO , ABMD , CODI

On my blog Financial Tides I like to start out the day by screening on Barchart for some stocks I might consider buying that day. I look for stocks that have been having recent price appreciation, are projected to have increases in sales and earnings and have some positive investor sentiment. I then take that list and research further. I'll start sharing that list with you each morning.

Cooper Companies Inc (COO) -- through its principal subsidiaries, develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products. CooperVision markets a range of contact lenses to correct visual defects, specializing in toric lenses that correct astigmatism. The company also markets conventional toric and spherical lenses and lenses for patients with more complex vision disorders. CooperSurgical markets diagnostic products, surgical instruments and accessories to the women's healthcare market.

Price appreciation on 16 of 20 trading session, 5 for 5 recently with a 14.41% return for he month -- a 96% buy rating on Barchart's technical indicators.

Analysts look for a 4.9% sales increase with a 12.5% EPS growth -- 5 years compounded EPS growth of 14% and 5 buy recommendations

Investor sentiment on Motley Fool has the CAPS members voting to outperform the market 43 to 33, All Stars voting 12 to 17 and Wall Street columnists 4 to 3

Abiomed (ABMD) -- a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical products designed to safely and effectively assist or replace the pumping function of the failing heart. The company currently manufactures and sells the BVS-5000, a temporary heart assist device, which is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the temporary treatment of all patients with failing but potentially recoverable hearts. The company is also engaged in research and development relating to other devices to support the pumping function of the heart.

15 price increases in 20 sessions and 5 for 5 recently plus a 30.76% monthly return -- a Barchart technical indicator buy rating of 80%.

Analysts predict a 18.7% increase in sales coupled with a 32.4% EPS growth. 5 year compounded EPS growth of 22.3% expected. 2 analysts have issued buy recommendations,

Investor sentiment on Motley Fool has a CAPS vote to out perform the market of 62 to 33 with the All Stars in agreement 19 to 14. The Wall Street columnists are split 4 to 3

Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI) -- was formed to acquire and manage a group of middle market businesses that are headquartered in North America. CODI provides public investors with an opportunity to participate in the ownership and growth of companies which have historically been owned by private equity firms, wealthy individuals or families. CODI's disciplined approach to its target market provides opportunities to methodically purchase attractive businesses at values that are accretive to its shareholders. For sellers of businesses, CODI's unique structure allows CODI to acquire businesses efficiently with no financing contingencies and, following acquisition, to provide its companies with substantial access to growth capital.

15 increases in price in 20 sessions and 5 for 5 recently. The monthly return of 21.93% has brought it a Barchart technical indicator buy rating of 96%

Analysts think a 6.4% increase in sales will bring a 43.0% increase in EPS. They predict a 12.5% 5 year compounded growth rate in EPS . They have 4 buy recommendations out there.

Investor Sentiment on Motley Fool brings a vote of 209 to 5 from the CAPS members that the stock will outperform the market followed by an All Star vote of 84 to 1, The Wall Street columnist like it 5 to 0

Newstar Financial (NEWS) -- is a specialized commercial finance company focused on meeting the complex financing needs of companies and private investors in the middle markets. The Company specializes in providing senior secured debt financing for the acquisition or recapitalization of mid-sized companies and commercial real estate. NewStar originates loans directly through a team of experienced, senior bankers organized around key industry and market segments. The Company targets 'hold' positions of up to $20 million and selectively underwrites or arranges larger transactions for syndication to other lenders. NewStar is headquartered in Boston, MA and has regional offices in Darien, CT, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, and Charleston, SC.

The stock has enjoyed 15 days of increases in 20 sessions and is 5 for 5 recently. A monthly increase of 21.93% has brought a 96% Barchart technical buy rating.

Analysts have the sales increase predicted of 9.2% and a whopping 392.3% EPS improvement coming of a loss. Estimates of a 15% 5 year compounded growth of EPS is their estimate. The 2 buy recommendations are followed by a hold.

Motley Fool CAPS members vote to out perform the market 46 to 19 with the All Stars voting 23 to 4. The Wall Street columnists are 3 to 0

Actel Corp (ACTL) --designs, develops, and markets field programmable gate array and associated development system software and programming hardware. Their product line consist of ten families of antifuse-based FPGAs; Designer Series Development System, DeskTOP, and CoreHDL software; SiliconExplorer debugging and diagnostic tools; Activator and Silicon Sculptor device programmers; and sockets.

15 price increases in 20 sessions plus 4 for 5 recently. The monthly return of 25.45% brings it an 80% Barchart technical buy rating.

Analysts only have a 15% compounded 5 year EPS growth estimate with 1 buy recommendation posted.

Motley Fool CAPS members think the stock will outperform the market by a 35 to 13 vote with the All Stars at 9 to 5. Wall Street columnist have only 1 buy out there.

Well, that's the list for today. Start with these and go through whatever due diligence you fell comfortable using. Be careful.

Jim Van Meerten is an investor who writes on financial matters here and on Financial Tides. Please leave a comment below or email

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