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July 2007




July 25, 2007 – Comments (7)

Just wanted to celebrate gains of $17 for yesterday, gains of $48 for Intuitive Surgical last week, and a gain of more than 60% for aQuantive last month or so. All three of them are recommended stocks in services I oversee, and all three made a very rare move which we have taken to calling a "daybagger" or a "spiffy-pop." In essence, all three on those days rose more per share on that one day than we paid for them in our cost basis. In our Rule Breakers service, we had a contest to name that phenomenon, which is the long-term investor's nirvana. And the terms that won were daybagger (noun) and spiffy-pop (verb). For us to have had three such moves since we printed the issue with the contest-winning terms is nothing short of incredible -- or, let's just say, "in excess of our expectations."  [more]