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November 2006



Tracking Ended Positions... LATER ON....

November 29, 2006 – Comments (4)

Most of us hem and haw and fret and overstudy how a stock does that we have JUST exited. It goes up a dollar the day after we sell it -- we start cryin' to our friends and co-workers. An ended Underperform in CAPS then drops 15% two days later -- we're ALL ABOUT following it about that far, just long enough to denigrate our timing once again. We then advise others to buy a stock now that we've finally sold; we advise others to now sell a stock, since we've just bought. Whether it's self-effacing humor, a genuine expression of timing angst or ineptitude, or all the above, we communicate this to our fellow Fools on our discussion boards.  [more]



Foolish Blogs launch!

November 28, 2006 – Comments (2)

I'm really excited by the new launch of Blogs on CAPS and would like to invite all my fellow Fools who have any interest in documenting their own thoughts about investing, business, and Life, to share. I plan to. One commitment I make to my own blog here is that I'm making no commitments. :) That's my way of saying that I have absolutely no idea how often I'll update this or what direction I'll go with it. But one thing is for sure: This will be a useful tool for me to provide some form of ongoing commentary for the long term. I have posted thousands of times on the Fool discussion boards over the years, and I have posted a Pitch for every one of my picks here on CAPS, I do believe. But nowhere have I had a "place to call my own" where I can aggregate thoughts across investing and business and my other hobbies. I plan to do so here. But the main reason I'm writing today is to encourage YOU to do the same, as my own experience of Fooldom and CAPS will be immeasurably enriched by your sharing of YOUR experience. And mostly, I have also wanted a single place to post CAPS thoughts and CAPS ideas, too, beyond just the Pitches which are mainly about stocks themselves. So part of my CAPS blog will be about, well, CAPS itself. For now, Fool on!  [more]

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