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November 2007



Community Intelligence Works

November 29, 2007 – Comments (54)

With a year of data now crunched, we’re pleased and perhaps even excited to show you how our CAPS star ratings are performing. The headliner: CAPS 5-star stocks exhibited superior outperformance of the market averages, CAPS 1-star stocks exhibited superior underperformance of the market averages, and everything in between did about what you’d expect. Four stars beat two stars, and three stars slightly outperformed the market.  Check out Tim Hanson’s The Top Stocks and the Top Returns article for more detail.   Here’s the short version:  [more]



Are You Like Me?

November 13, 2007 – Comments (16)

Are you like me?

Do you find that a fair number of people will say on CAPS how "their real portfolio is doing better than their CAPS picks"... which I am not doubting... I believe them... and yet... if you're like me you have yet to see, feel, or hear anyone admitting that their CAPS picks are doing better than their real portfolio? 



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