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March 2011



A Useful Free Tool

March 31, 2011 – Comments (0)

My column yesterday, Who's Targeting Your Stock?, utilized a lot of interesting and useful data from the Manhattan Institute's Proxy Monitor site. I thought folks here would also want to know about the site; there's a database that pulls some interesting info on shareholder resolutions, including vote results, for Fortune 100 companies over the last several years. I think it's great to know about, given the fact that there aren't too many free services out there that make this information that easy to obtain (particularly in ways that are searchable, sortable by industry, etc.). There's also a "findings" tab that adds some interpretation into the data. So I thought I'd put that out there. I think many of you might find it handy or at the very least, very interesting.   [more]



Why Netflix Rules

March 23, 2011 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: NFLX

I just got an email saying, "You may have had trouble with watch instantly last night" -- well, I didn't, but it gives a link that says to click it to get a 3% refund if you were affected. The honor system.   [more]



Ditching Some Conventional Wisdom...

March 18, 2011 – Comments (0)

My column today defies the conventional wisdom that a responsible investment portfolio (geared towards SRI, impact investing, etc.) will probably underperform other types of portfolios. There is increasing evidence that that's not the case, and in today's piece, I used a lot of GovernanceMetrics' data that was released earlier this week (their report was very interesting, and also well highlighted the complexities of this kind of investing).   [more]



True Grit

March 11, 2011 – Comments (4)

I recently found this Fast Company article, Why True Grit Matters in the Face of Adversity, very inspiring. The psychological underpinnings of what characteristic -- here described as grit -- makes a winner was fascinating, and it can be applied to a lot of different areas of life.  [more]



Happy Second Birthday, El Toro Loco

March 09, 2011 – Comments (1)

Yeah, I call this "the crazy bull" market. I can't say I have understood the last two years' euphoria for just about all stocks, including many that didn't seem to be doing much operationally, that seems to have been painted with a very broad brush. There is still way too much negativity to justify some of the nutty valuations out there. I still think a lot of it is sheerly speculative really.   [more]



Duh, Losing! Nobody Wants to Be Investing's Charlie Sheen

March 03, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SIRI

Last year I wrote about the dangers of a disorder I fondly dubbed as "Sirius Syndrome." Somehow Charlie Sheen's highly publicized rants made me think we investors should try not to succumb to the temptation to be a Charlie Sheen of investing. Some of the fanatical stock fans out there seem to come out with some similar sentiments whenever their favorite stocks are challenged. (Don't forget to check out the Charlie Sheen as quoted by cats and baby sloths pages. That's good stuff!)  [more]

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