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June 2011



Bernanke's "News Flash"

June 23, 2011 – Comments (11)

Oh hey, surprise! Things aren't good with the U.S. economy. All I could think when I saw that "news" yesterday was that it was just a very late concession of what a lot of us probably already suspected. All you have to do is open your eyes and look around, or listen to people's stories, and there is still plenty of pain out there. Empty store fronts, people walking home with bags of groceries because they can't afford the gas, bus queues with lines of people... grocery receipts with amazing levels of sticker shock.  [more]



Stock Picks with Chicks: A Retail BFF

June 21, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BKE

There's a new "episode" of Stock Picks with Chicks -- Dayana and I took a look at the Buckle and channeled our youthful days. (Actually, I kind of look like this EVERY day, sans the black makeup... Nobody at Fool HQ really blinked an eye at my outfit. Dayana really brought it though. "Lucky Star," anyone?)   [more]



"Death of the Duopoly"

June 18, 2011 – Comments (0)

I apologize if this has already been posted here, but I think a lot of people here would enjoy this piece by some of the folks at Reason, The Death of the Duopoly. (Not just a diatribe against politicians, but includes very good marketplace examples of companies that exhibited major-league, customer-abusing suckage and colluded with one another... buh-bye, ha.)  [more]



Stock Picks with Chicks: The New Season

June 02, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: TBL.DL

Dayana and I have started up a "new season" of Stock Picks with Chicks again after a hiatus; we're going to try to do one once every two weeks (not like network TV, eh?). We discussed Timberland this time around.   [more]



Some CEOs Just Aren't Worth It

June 01, 2011 – Comments (0)

Today we wrapped up our week-long series on CEO pay, putting a few companies in the spotlight and asking if their CEOs are really worth it. Here's our wrap-up article, linking to all the articles over the course of the last seven days, in case anyone wants to check out who a band of Fools and I put through the paces.    [more]

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