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July 2010



An Injustice To The Greatest Investors In All Creation

July 19, 2010 – Comments (0)

An Indian Court has ruled that the gods cannot have brokerage accounts. The Court ruled that, “dealing in shares required some skill which could not be expected of a deity.”

I would have thought that the gods would have had loads of skills. More skills than Buffett, even!



Is Henry Blodget's Business Insider The New Crack?

July 16, 2010 – Comments (4)

Hello, my name is Henry Blodget and I’m addicted to sensational news stories. It all started when I launched my new publication entitled Business Insider. I had once been a equity analyst, but am now barred from the securities industry. I figured the media would be the best place to go for a former crooked analyst.  [more]

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