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June 2011



High Gas Prices Kill Growth, Everytime!

June 08, 2011 – Comments (8)

On April 28th I wrote a blog saying that the market was overvalued and that high gas prices would kill the economy.  I said that the market would have a big pullback in the next couple of months.  A lot of people said that you can't predict the market and it is too random.  I would argue that if gas prices skyrocket you can predict the market.  Since my prediction the Dow is down 6%.  Many economists believe that high gas prices caused the recession in the first place.  For proof look at the gas prices from July of 2007 at the height of the market.  In July of 2007 the stock market and gas prices both peaked and crashed after that.  If you look at the last couple of months gas prices skyrocketed and the market soon crashed.  If you look at the charts of the DJIA and gas prices they correspond very closely.;range=5y  I hope that the next time gas prices skyrocket again people will be smart enough to see the market crash coming and get out of the market.    [more]



Dana Perino For President!

June 03, 2011 – Comments (1)

The one thing America needs in a president is someone who is highly intelligent.  Personally I am getting really tired of listening to Palin and Bachman stumble their way through interviews and making the facts up as they go.  They have been touring around the country and everywhere they go they get called out for rewriting American history.  They exemplify stupidity and Republicans can do much better than them.  I know they both get a lot of attention because they are attractive so I have found a better alternative.  I propose that Dana Perino run for the Republican nomination.  She was the press secretary for President Bush and anyone that has seen her interviews knows she is smarter than her old boss by a wide margin.  If she ran for president, her combination of good looks and intelligence would make the media forget about the stupid sisters in short order.  Here is a link for those who forget what she looks like.     [more]



I Called The Pullback!

June 01, 2011 – Comments (32)

On April 28th I wrote a blog saying that the market was due for a big pullback due to the market being way too high considering there was high unemployment and high oil prices.  I also said I was going to put money into 3X bear etfs until the market pulled back.  A lot of people said you can't time the market and you will lose your money in the 3X bear etfs.  I was right on both as I called the exact top of the market and made more than 12% in the bear etfs I was in.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that when gas prices go sky high the economy and the market will soon crash.  I fully expect that the Dow will keep pulling back until it hits about 12,000.  Big Oil is only using 81% of their refining capacity right now which is manipulating prices upwards.  Until they decide to actually supply enough gasoline our economy will be stagnant and so will the market.        [more]

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