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chk999longonly (97.43)

November 2008



Well That Took Longer Than I Thought

November 09, 2008 – Comments (3)

When I started this profile I mentioned writing some software to help do some of the analysis tasks, mostly for noticing when a chosen stock was hitting a 52 week high and it was time to close the postion. Finding the time to work on this software turned out to be pretty difficult. The main time sink was the online accounting class I took from BYU. (The class rocked and I really learned a lot, but it took a lot of time. Got a 98% for the overall grade. Go Me!) But there have been a lot of other time sinks too. This job and family stuff really gets in the way of hobbies and projects. After the class ended I made some different technology choices from the original plan and started bending code.   [more]

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