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May 2010



No Idea

May 26, 2010 – Comments (0)

You may be a bit surprised by this blog.  A blog so full of facts and honesty that you may think of me as an investing GOD!  And you wouldn't be far from the truth.   [more]



Popularity Contest

May 25, 2010 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: BP , AAPL , DELL.DL

It's about time that we realize the stock market is nothing more than a popularity contest.  No different then when Danny got that new iPhone for XMas.  His stock in the school popularity contest went up.  [more]



Bob Brinkers Defense of Keynes

May 10, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY

After listening to Bob Brinker defend Keynes on yesterdays finance talk program, I had to write this blog post:

Brinker Defends Keynes

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