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July 2010



Auto Bailouts HUGE SUCCESS!

July 30, 2010 – Comments (5)

With the Obama administration touting over 1 million jobs saved as a result of the Chrysler/GM bailouts, editorials like this that say "The fact that GM and Chrysler are not only alive but modestly profitable in a weak market, after years of losing billions of dollars when car and truck sales were 50% higher, looks like more than just a successful government intervention. It looks like a flat-out miracle.",it's hard to believe we aren't all Communists by now.  [more]



Ringin' My Own Bell

July 29, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: CMPR

There comes a time when you have to ring your own bell.  Today is one of those days.  [more]



La La Land

July 29, 2010 – Comments (6)

Unemployment claims come in at 457,000.  The Fed Chief admits that the economy is "uncertain".  The Beige Book shows weakness or stagnation throughout most of the country and the stock market continues to show strength.  [more]



When The Facts Are In

July 28, 2010 – Comments (10)

The U.S. stock market has been on a run of late.  Corporate earning reports are over shadowing poor macro reports.  The argument for higher stock prices is simple, the macro data is a lagging indicator, but the corporations are raising future profit forecasts.  The end of the recession isn't just near, they say, but the V shaped recovery is in the works!  [more]



Europe's Austerity to the Rescue

July 22, 2010 – Comments (2)

Today's news that the Eurozone rebounded more than expected is creating giddiness in the pre-market trade.  More stunning is that austerity was supposed to kill Europe's fledling recovery and our free spending was going to save the U.S. from such a fate.  Recent economic indicators show the EXACT opposite occurring.  [more]



Bernanke's Big Mistake

July 21, 2010 – Comments (9)

After reading this article about how Bernanke is now testifying that the economic future is uncertain, I couldn't help but think "What a total idiot he is."  [more]



VistaPrint - Government Business Model

July 21, 2010 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: CMPR

Being a customer of VistaPrint (NASDAQ: VPRT) I get their email specials.  [more]



It's Time to BUY!!!

July 20, 2010 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: IBM , GS , SPY

I am sick and tired of the financial MORONS in this world telling us the markets are going to come crashing down.  They make insanely stupid arguments like "IBM's revenue fell short." or "Goldman's revenue fell short" or the dumbest one of all "No one has even hit revenue expectations yet."  [more]



Big Cuts = Big Profits = Big Problems

July 16, 2010 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GE , AA , SPY

Top line profits from GE, Alcoa and other are looking rosier than rose bush, but there are thorns in that there bush!  In past recessions, the business cycle was pretty straight forward.  Businesses cut expenses (employees, product lines, wasteful production), they got lean and profitable, then started hiring new employees with those fat balance sheets.  [more]



How Make Money 100% of the Time

July 15, 2010 – Comments (13) | RELATED TICKERS: FAZ , FAS

This is no joke - it's a GUARANTEED way to make money over the long term, the short term and the medium term.  All you need to do is follow this perfectly sound advice.  If anyone can poke a hole in this system feel free.  The only downside I can see is that you won't make a lot, so if (and that's a big if) the market zooms up 200% over the next five years, you won't make anywhere close to that kind of dough.  But if you think the market will stagnate, drop or you just don't have the stomach for risk, I am going to give you a guaranteed method of making money.    [more]



Why We NEED a DEEP Recession

July 14, 2010 – Comments (9)

Anyone who believes our economy will take off without a severe recession, is fooling themselves.  And yes, I'm including all the famous economists who foolishly believe there are methods to avoid a deep recession.  Here's the current situation - the FED and the gov't are going to spend lavishly and print money to try and keep this recession from getting any worse.  There are three possible outcomes:  [more]



Will Regulations Kill the Rally?

July 09, 2010 – Comments (0)

Once again, the unintended consequences of a Congressional Law, may disrupt the stock market rally, scare citizens into holding onto their cash and send the economy into a tailspin.  All of this is possible from one law designed to PROTECT the American public.  The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act clearly puts the CEO and the company as a whole on notice if they make any future forecast of earnings that ends up falling short.  And right now, the market is looking toward those future forecasts (read this) .    [more]



Strong Jobs Report & More Krugman

July 08, 2010 – Comments (10)

"Stock futures rise on Strong Jobs Report", according to MSNBC.  I love headlines, because 99% of readers don't look past the headline.  One shocking point that the 1% who actually read the article will notice is that this isn't a 'Jobs Report', it's just the number of people seeking unemployment report.  [more]



Myths of Austerity - A Rebuttal

July 02, 2010 – Comments (13)

Today, our friend Krugman of the NY Times wrote an op-ed entitled "Myths of Austerity" (which you can read here). I'd like to post this rebuttal.  [more]

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