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July 2009



And so it begins......

July 23, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: SIRI , AIBYY

A few thoughts to begin: 1) I lose money on almost any investment I make2) Even when I follow professional or "Fool" advice, I still lose money3) I recently got married and changed my investment strategy.  It seems to be working as I have had above average returns since then.  That also could correspond to the fact that I randomly picked the bottom of the market at 7200 and invested heavily (by my definition) at that point.  Overall my portfolio is still down about 30% over the last three yearsSirius (SIRI) - my favorite stock and largest holding is Sirius (SIRI).  I bought WAY to high (first purchases were around $3.00), but I also bought when everybody else bailed ($.05). I still have faith that one day in the next two years people will start buying cars and that Sirius will find additional revenue streams that will make this stock a winner. I believe bankruptcy is no longer an issue. I tried to catch this one as a falling knife and failed miserably. I believe John Malone and Liberty will eventually take control over Sirius or another third party, either Microsoft or Apple will buy Sirius.  Do not under estimate the power of a monopoly and the power of 18 million premium paying captive subscribers.  Call this one a feeling, but I think this one is going to survive and thrive.  FIRST IMPRESSION - Sirius (SIRI) at $.40 is still a good buy.    Allied Irish Banks (AIB) - Not my favorite stock and should be one of my largest holdings.  I'm a Million Dollar Portfolio subscriber and I purchased AIB based on the MDP recommendation.  Bad call.  I also had a limit order to purchase 5000 shares at $1 but I canceled the order.  I regret that one.  I still believe the banking/financial sector is the place to be for ultimate growth.  I'm looking to add some shares of AIB in the $2.00 range if it falls back down.  I'm still terrified of the banking/financial sector because I think there is going to be another market crash when the bottom falls out of the commercial real estate market.  It's coming and everyone knows it. SECOND IMPRESSION - Allied Irish Bank (AIB) at $4.50 is expensive.  At $2.00 I'm putting my money back in. That’s it for today – if I get some comments, I’ll keep posting…  


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