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April 2013



2012 Feste Award Winner Announced!

April 09, 2013 – Comments (4)

The results are in, and thanks to all who nominated and voted for the 2012 Feste Award!

This year's festivities were a bit subdued, no doubt due to the passing of a long-time Fool stalwart and greatest champion of the Feste Award, MichaelRead. Time after time he was nominated and championed robustly (most energetically by himself), only to fall at the last moment and fail to grasp the prize. But finally, he was over the top for the 2007 Feste Award. Michael was a rapier wit, an unparallelled humorist, and a generous educator; the very embodiment of a true Fool. We still miss him in myriad ways. Rest easy, Michael.

This year's winner is no less an educator; working tirelessly to express opinions and generate discussion of complex subjects and investing information. A worthy holder of the title indeed!

 Winner: Yodaorange!   [more]

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