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March 2014



O.T. MH370 Conspiracy Theory (They Know Where it is)

March 21, 2014 – Comments (9)

Let me start by stating I'm not a conspiracy buff; I think they found the remains of a weather balloon at Roswell, Oswald was a nut and killed Kennedy all by himself, Elvis is dead and Obama was born in Hawaii. I don't present my MH370 conspiracy lightly, however I think the implications of what we haven't been told but can figure out on our own, suggest investigators have to know where the plane is (but don't want the bad guys to know we know). The crux of my case comes down to my firm belief that anyone using high school geometry could plot the flight path and final destination of MH370 from the circles corresponding to possible places on earth that the plane could have been at each of the 7 satellite pings. The two big arcs that the media keeps mistaking for flight paths are just parts of one circle out of 7 as can be seen on the map in the middle of the story linked below.  [more]

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