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June 2010



CAPS Version II

June 05, 2010 – Comments (10)

As a kind of journeyman investor I have found the CAPS competition  very valuable but I'm not sure for it's original stated intent. I don't spend any time looking at the community ratings of the stocks but the competition has forced me to follow a lot more stocks than I would follow normally and I think this has been very useful to me. I also enjoy following other players to see how different strategies play out but this is what has prompted this post. The clear best strategy to climbing to the very top of CAPS is what I have seen called harvesting. Maxing out your 200 picks and constantly closing out winners to bank points and score. I know others have complained about how valuable this is in the real world and I'm not here to beat that dead horse. It did get me to thinking about how you could improve CAPS so that player ranking became more meaningful.  [more]

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