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February 2014



Thoughts 02_18_14 - Michael J. Mauboussin

February 18, 2014 – Comments (1)

I listened to an interview with Michael J. Mauboussin on the motley fools podcast "where the money is" today.  I have to admit his insights really intrigue me, and he didn't disappoint this time.  I loved his discussion of the P/E being a two part calculation.  One part being the current run rate and the other being the increase that any investments in the business creates. He said that the average run rate for the market is a P/E of 12.5.  Therefore, if the P/E is over 12.5 then the market assumes that the company will create value with investments in the business.  And if the P/E is under 12.5, then the market assumes the company will destroy value into the future.    [more]



02 02 14 Stock Thoughts

February 03, 2014 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: HGGGQ , CMG

Today I want to think about hhgreg. This was a recommendation in hidden gems I believe. I have to admit that I was always skeptical. Really just because I was in one and didn't see anything that would compel me to buy there. It's not that I had any special insight just that my gut said no.  My gut has said no to big winners to though. Like chipotle.  I do like their burritos but the service has really stunk at least at my 2 to 3 locations.  It's not that far above the the average or even below average McDonald's.  That's really not good. The only difference is that their food is good.   [more]

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