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January 2012



The Santorum Zone

January 21, 2012 – Comments (13)

Since I'm focusing exclusively on political topics for now, I am only blogging over at Daily Paul.   [more]



On Iowa, Romney, Santorum, and Paul

January 04, 2012 – Comments (52)

Last night, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum finished in a statistical tie for first place in the Iowa GOP caucus vote. While Romney's strong finish wasn't surprising, Santorum's sudden rise in popularity will have many empty suits and skirts in the Dead Stream Media (DSM) scratching their hollow craniums. Ron Paul finished third, a few percentage points behind. While this isn't the stunning victory his supporters had hoped for, he still managed to more than double his support from his 2008 finish of 9.93% of the vote. Not bad for a fringe candidate that many 2008 political experts predicted would have no real impact on the future of American politics.  [more]

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