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February 2009



Letter On A Barroom Floor: Drop Dead

February 14, 2009 – Comments (5)

Note: The following letter was found left behind at a local drinking establishment; the authors' identity is unknown. It is passed along without comment.  [more]



What Happens Next?

February 10, 2009 – Comments (6)

TMFSinchiruna's amazing recent post about America's flirtation with banking armageddon got me thinking (oh boy!). So I called my fiance and we discussed it at length (after, or course, running down the recent happenings on the trashy reality TV shows we enjoy..... thank you VH1!!!). She's pretty savvy, but not thoroughly enlightened on monetary policy or Zimbabwe School Economics (aka Keynesian Economics) so we tried to walk through a few different scenarios.   [more]



Always Bet On Defense

February 05, 2009 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: NOC , RTN , KBR

I get comments quite often that I focus too much on politics and economics, and that this forum is not appropriate for most of my concerns. I take that criticism to heart. So today I'm going to sprinkle in a little investment advice in a stream of consciousness set of random thoughts. Discussion is always welcome.   [more]



The Motley Fool: This Should Be Your Position On The Bailout

February 02, 2009 – Comments (24)

True story: A young lady once went to the doctor complaining of weight gain and fatigue. She was a light eater and always very thin and active. The doctors were confused but they had to do something. They started to treat her symptoms individually, prescribing medications and running test after test. With each passing month, new symptoms emerged. More tests were run. More medications prescribed. Within a year she was on fourteen daily pills. Finally, she met a doctor that wasn't a total quack. He diagnosed her illness properly, treated it, and I am happy to say that she is on the way to recovery. It turns out that the original doctors actually created more problems by treating the symptoms without understanding the cause. Had she continued to leave her life in their hands, who knows what kind of damage they could have caused.  [more]



Okay Drummnutt, you wanna learn something today?

February 02, 2009 – Comments (12)

"A society that chooses between capitalism and socialism does not choose between two social systems; it chooses between social cooperation and the disintegration of society. Socialism: is not an alternative to capitalism; it is an alternative to any system under which men can live as human beings." - Ludwig Von Mises, Human Action   [more]



Abolish the Federal Reserve by Ron Paul

February 01, 2009 – Comments (16)

Ron Paul's recent thoughts (these have been his consistent viewpoint for over 30 years) on how to fix the American economy. This is such a great speech! Delivered January 26, 2009 in Houston, TX.   [more]

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