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February 2011



More Muni Madness

February 26, 2011 – Comments (14)

I’ve been spending a little time following municipal bonds lately and believe some of those markets have a good chance of being the next big trouble spot for the economy.  [more]



Big Banks = Big Bucks

February 24, 2011 – Comments (5)

The latest FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile shows quite a difference between big bank and small bank earnings.  You might expect that, as a group, banks with over $10 billion in assests would make the lion's share of bank earnings.  But, would you believe 95% of all bank profits in the US?  And the ROA and ROE numbers show the big banks dramatically outperforming small banks.  [more]



A Stock Market Food Fight

February 22, 2011 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: SYY , MKC

It's tough to think of companies that are more dominant in their corner of the market than Sysco (SYY) and McCormick (MKC).  Sysco's investor fact sheet states that it's the "only major public foodservice distribution company in the U.S." For McCormick, how many can name the next largest spice producer?  [more]



Government? Who needs a Government?

February 17, 2011 – Comments (3)

Belgian citizens celebrate 249 days without a government.

Citizens celebrate 'world record' Belgian waffling




Seven for Income

February 14, 2011 – Comments (9)

In a continual quest for income, I tried a screen looking for stocks yielding more than the 10-year Treasury and trading below the average PE of the S&P500.  [more]



Careful with those pick buttons

February 08, 2011 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: FMCC

Just thought I'd share a little stupidity.  [more]



Loooong Bonds

February 04, 2011 – Comments (4)

The latest Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee meeting included discussion of issuing ultra-long bonds with maturities from 40 years to as long as 100 years.  100 year bonds?  Turns out these ultra-long issues exist in the corporate and municipal market and now some advisors are recommending the US Treasury start issuing them.  [more]



A Three Dollar Tale (and some other currencies)

February 01, 2011 – Comments (1)

Interesting day in the markets today.  If you follow the markets enough to read CAPS blogs, you certainly know the broad US market, as measured by the S&P 500 index, had a rip-roaring day.  Up 1.67% to be precise.  [more]

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