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April 2009



For short sellers & deep thinkers only

April 10, 2009 – Comments (42) | RELATED TICKERS: TIC , K

I will be writing to the SEC to comment on the proposed uptick rules. If you would like to help out or potentially add your name as a signatory to my letter, please contact me using the form on my blog. (Unsurprisingly, I will be against the proposed rules, but least against an upbid rule only when a stock is already down 10% or more). I will get back to you.  [more]



Well, I'm Done

April 02, 2009 – Comments (97)

I have just realized that the vast majority of the time I spend on CAPS is wasted by inanity, sarcasm, and unfounded opinions. One of the reasons I blog and comment is so that I can learn and have my views challeneged. I did not come here to engage in pointless [and fake] contests or to flaunt my brilliance. I have learned a lot from CAPS, particularly from FloridaBuilder's insights into the housing market and anchak's thoughts on evaluating banks. Recently I have seen more taunting, poor humor, and grandstanding and less enlightened discussion. Sadly, the most recent thing of importance I learned from a CAPS member was from a comment on my other blog by a CAPS member who I have not seen around recently, luvb2b.   [more]



GoodVibe's challenge ...

April 01, 2009 – Comments (20) | RELATED TICKERS: H , A

See Goodvibe4Ever's challenge to me, Specbear, and GoldminingXpert. Is it an April Fool's prank or is it real?  [more]

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