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May 2009



Why I'm moving to the state with the highest unemployment rate and other musings

May 26, 2009 – Comments (52) | RELATED TICKERS: DIS

Why oh why would I move to (western) Michigan, the first state to have unemployment above 13%? One reason is that my wife found a job there making good money and doing what she likes to do; the company that just hired her is expanding steadily and doing quite well. There are a a couple morals to this story: no matter how bad the economy is, some companies will do well, and plenty of people will do well. Even a serious depression is a far cry from economic collapse and the end of civilization (as some here on CAPS seem to anticipate). Another moral of this story is that one of the best ways to grow wealthy is to make a pretty good income in a low cost of living area. By moving from a more expensive area of St. Louis our housing costs will go down drastically, our state tax rate will drop from 6% to 4.35%, and my wife's income will increase moderately.  [more]




May 01, 2009 – Comments (46) | RELATED TICKERS: EL , L


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