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Stock Brokers Who Actually Work.

July 14, 2009 – Comments (3)

Over the last few months I have been talking to quite a few people about the Stock Market.  The age groups varied and their incomes as well.  One thing that amazed me was the fact many individuals stayed put while their retirement nest egg cratered.  "My broker said to "Stay the Course." (Did not realize brokers were mimicking George W!) and now some are working at Walmart. The amount of cash that was lost was incredible.  There was no analysis so why the paralysis?  People put faith in men and woman who have no clue how stocks truly opperate.  The Motley Fools founders had a belief that people could educate themselves and learn how to invest in high quality stocks.  This has been at least fifteen years if my memory serves me right. The Word of the Tom and Dave have not reached the households of American in mass because I have found people are too lazy. They will drive an hour to save on groceries each way yet allow a half a million dollar account go straight to the grave.  They will research months on a new car and how to chisel a dealer out of a thousand dollars but they will not notice their portfolio losing fifty grand needlessly.  So you fellow fools have an advantage and need to capitalize on this website's resources. You can learn to make some good change by being smarter than the herd! Good Luck!  It takes very little effort to learn more than the average stock broker. The ones I knew smoked too much weed and drank their clients capital losses off.  Few that I met really cared about their customers. Putting them in mutual funds that were rated 1 Star but the load was 5.75 percent to 7 percent and charged a fat opperating fee and lots of 12 B1 fees even though the fund did not advertise. These jokers (Brokers) let their clients get thrown to the lions while collecting their fat fees. Their fund picks kept on underperforming the ETF's.  Good LUck Again!  [more]

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