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January 2010



What government should be... The Dept of Energy

January 26, 2010 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: AM.DL2 , CRIS

Ok, you guys know the drill by now.  [more]



What government should be... The department of Agriculture.

January 25, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AM.DL2 , CRIS

The directory of what government should be...  [more]



What government should be. Introducing the Department of Education...

January 21, 2010 – Comments (14)

See my last blog post for an introduction to my view on government.
This will continue with the theme of giving people a hand up instead of a hand-out.

As of this moment all current Federal education programs will be suspended. The programs below will replace all current programs.

The Learning Enhancement and Advancement Program for Children with Learning Disabilities. (LEAP ChiLD)

The Federal Government strongly believes in a proper education for all children. The government will supply block grants to the states that will match state spending dollar for dollar for the education of children with learning disabilities. The government will also award special purpose grants to states that show achievement with children with learning disabilities if these results can be replicated in other states. The government will offer the same grants to private institutions provided that they meet Federal standards for achievement. Students will be tested for achievement yearly at the nearest independent Federal testing center.

The Federal Standards Program (FSP)

The Federal government will post educational standards yearly for all children. It will post not only the minimal standards for achievement for every grade level, but standards for extraordinary achievement. It will provide a platform for enhanced education above and beyond minimal achievement including more intense subject matter and a broader platform of subjects. The Federal government will make sure that all materials for such courses are readily available to all children, including suggested texts and practice exams. The Federal government will recognize and reward all achievement above the minimal level.

The Child-focused Learning and Achievement Program. (CLAP)

The purpose of this program is to allow a child to learn at his/her own pace and to reward both child and parent for educational achievement. This plan will also promote independent learning and home schooling. A parent may decide to home school their child, enroll them in a private institution, or enroll them at a state sponsored institution. Once a decision is made, that decision may not be changed until the child completes his/her current grade level. Parents that choose to home school may change their decision and enroll their child in a learning institution without completing the current grade level. At any time, the parent may elect to have the child tested for competency for their current grade level. The testing will be done at an independent Federal testing facility. If the child passes the minimum qualifications, The Federal government will award 3 grants. The first grant will be to the learning institution. The current amount for this grant is $4,000. This will be adjusted for inflation. The second grant will go to the parent. The current amount is $750 and will be adjusted for inflation. The third grant will be held for the child. ($250 and will be adjusted for inflation.) In the case that the child was home schooled for the entire term, the first grant will be split between the parent and the child. ($3000 for the parent and $1000 held for the child.) In the case of achievements above the minimum level additional grants will be awarded to the institution, parent, and child at levels set in the FSP. In the case that the student fails to pass the exam, no grants will be awarded until the exam is passed. Upon passing the 12th grade requirements, an additional grant will be awarded to the parent ($1,000) and the child ($1,000), also all grants held on the child's behalf will be awarded to the child provided that he has reached the age of majority or is enrolled in an institute of higher learning.

The Open Opportunity Learning System. (TOOLS)

The Federal government will set standards for all universities seeking accreditation.

All universities must provide their curriculum for any major to anyone that requests it along with the names of all texts being used for that curriculum and practice tests on the subject. They must post all lectures online, although they may charge for the lectures if the choose to do so. To fulfill this requirement the lectures may be stored for free by the Federal government, provided that they are available to the student for free as well.They must accept the transfer of credit from another accredited institution that the Federal government determines to be a subject of an equal caliber, including credits from the courses given for free by the Federal government. They may provide a facility to allow anyone to test out of any non-lab subject, but they must submit the exam to the Federal government so the government can administer the test at an independent Federal testing facility. The cost of these tests will be reimbursed by the Federal government up to a current amount of $50 to be adjusted for inflation, if given at the university's facility. They must grant credit for passing the exam. They must provide the availability to lab related classes even if a student is not enrolled in any non-lab classes. They must charge the same amount for these classes as they charge to other students and they must provide availability in a manner that is as timely as that of other students. The institution must also provide the Federal Government with the information to replicate the lab classes and the Federal Government may give this information to private institutions to reproduce said lab or it may choose to reproduce the lab itself. The federal government may then grant credit for the lab in either case upon completion and credit must transfer to the original institution.

Any person or institution with knowledge on any subject may seek to be accredited to teach that subject without a degree program. Agreeing to do so means that they must provide a means of testing for that subject by at least providing the exam to an independent Federal testing facility. the Federal government will determine if credit is transferable to other institutions.

The Federal Government must also provide freely distributed courses and materials to meet the basic core requirements of higher education. The government will administer testing on all of these subjects and provide credit for completion. The government will also provide various degree programs that will consist of only non-lab classes that may be completed entirely the testing facility. 10% of educational spending must go toward expanding courses available by the government. The government is free to deal with individuals for course materials, such as lectures or texts provided that the rights are solely owned by the said individual. The government may also use any material that has already been provided to the public free of charge without recourse from said owner.

The Government will provide a grant to anyone that achieves a degree from an accredited institution. The grant will be as follows...

$1,000 for an Associate's degree.
$5,000 for a Bachelor's degree.
$10,000 for a Master's degree
$10,000 for a Doctorate degree

Additional grants may be given for degrees considered to be in the public interest.

Also Scholarship opportunities will be offered for degrees that are in the public interest.   [more]



The vote in Mass and what government should be...

January 20, 2010 – Comments (23) | RELATED TICKERS: BE , ME.DL2

These are just my opinions and this post isn't designed to incite you or belittle your own political views. I think that the vote in Mass was more a vote against the status quo than a vote for a conservative government. I think that the last presidential election was a vote against a conservative government. I think that the middle class is torn between the lessor of 2 evils and more often dissappointed post election.  [more]



Could those of you that know me help me name my new boat?

January 06, 2010 – Comments (27)

I'm leaning toward either "Atlas Gagged" or " I.P. Freely"


Any other ideas out there from the fellow fools?

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