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February 2011



Middle East contagion could be much more than that.

February 15, 2011 – Comments (8) | RELATED TICKERS: AM.DL2 , CRIS

Besides Iran, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisha, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia, most African countries could revolt against oppression. Some South American countries can revolt. Cuba could revolt. At no other time in history,  has there been so much potential global rebellion against opression. The closest thing I've seen in my lifetime at a much smaller scale was the crumbling of the Soviet bloc. Every small victory in the former Eastern European countries seemed to amplify the desire of other countries in the area to do the same. I've called people sheep so many times in my lifetime, but the sheep seem to be willing to butt heads a little more lately. This can only be good for the globe. Many years from now, this country will rebel against our own oppression. We have to figure out that we aren't oppressed by one group, but by two groups before we do. We are starting to figure out that the answer to "right or left?" is "NO!" Both sides seem to sell that they have our best interests in mind as they dictate to us what to do. The world seems to be a new entity, unwilling to swallow orders from the people telling them that they are helping them by telling them what they do. We might get to that point eventually. If you don't agree, take a moment to think about your view-point. Do you feel that the other side is selling you the fact that they want to take care of you by telling you what to do? Do you feel that part of taking care of everybody else is telling them what to do, because you know better? Do the oppressed feel that they should be oppressed by people that feel that they are smart enough to control everyone else's lives? What does it say about our country if everyone is passive enough  to be controlled by the people arrogant enough to take control? Are your beliefs justified enough to dictate them to someone else? Are you a stronger man if you control a weaker one? Should power and control determine who is right and who is wrong? If you are weak enough to be controlled are you automatically wrong? If you are strong enough to opress others are you strong enough keep that oppression up enough to quell rebelion? Does anybody on one side understand why the people on the other side hate the fact that the key to your prosperity lies in their oppression? Why does everyone promising Utopia first start off by blaming someone for everyone else's problems? How does man become so sure about what is right, so quickly forget about what is just? How can a country with 400 million people only have 2 opinions? Is man's inhumanity to man worse than man's ignorance of man's inhumanity of man? Are you conditioned to your environment enough to forget about this post tomorrow. If you are still alive 50 years from now and are telling people about your experiences, do you think that you'll be proud of your current role or ashamed? Can you understand how a man on the losing end of 100% of your decisions hates 100% of your decisions? Why is it that every time that your side gets majority rule, you  forget about minority rights? Lets call a spade a spade, Control means oppression. The more that you want to control, the more that you want to opress someone else.  You're more determined on forcing your beliefs than you are concerned about the end results. Why are people so determined to polarize the country surprised when they find people of an opposite opinion? Last but not least, I am actually ashamed with the total number of people on one side or the other that don't understand that they opress other people.  It's one thing to be polarized to only one opinion, but it's another to not understand that people suffer from that opinion. The middle class in this country is oppressed by both sides.Don't be surprised when they rebel against both sides.     [more]



The line item veto.

February 02, 2011 – Comments (11)

Is anyone against it and why?

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