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May 2013



What really drives competitive advantage?

May 31, 2013 – Comments (16)

Whenever I read about companies with great financial performance there is always the term "competitive advantage". Usually its something like lowest cost, or strength of a brand name. The brand name one kind of bugs me. While I know for certain that a stron brand name is definitely a competitive advantage, I hate how so many fundamental analysis articles go on rants about how wishy washy technical analysis or momentum investing or etc is, but "strong brand name" is as wishy washy as it gets.   [more]



Stop blaming the exchange

May 23, 2013 – Comments (3)

I have been watching CNBC all day....and EVERY time there has been a gap down opening in the last few years, people complain about the stock exchange not being well regulated  [more]



What caused the 30 year treasury bull market?

May 22, 2013 – Comments (12) | RELATED TICKERS: TLT , IEF , TBT

From 2000-now , it seems like mostly a risk rotation reason and especially post 2008, as central banks tried to lower rates due to crappy economy.....but what about 1981-2000?  When the economy was raging and same with stocks, why were rates going down constantly as the market was going up?



Where does credit card debt and margin debt come from?

May 21, 2013 – Comments (25)

So when a bank creates a loan, the new bank credit is created on the is "created out of thin air". What about margin debt and credit card debt though? The credit card company has to pay the merchant with actual cash , and the broker lending margin has to pay off the seller of the stock with cash  [more]



Do credit expansion and contraction really lead to price level changes?

May 06, 2013 – Comments (15)

So I know the technical definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply, but in this blog I will refer to inflation as meaning price inflation, just to make less typing.  [more]



Why do banks accept deposits?

May 02, 2013 – Comments (24)

I don't really understand why banks accept deposits. With fractional reserve banking they can lend out far more cash than they take in. I'm not even sure if the banks even have a reserve requirement anymore. So why bother spending all that money paying interest and sending out statements, since the banks can lend out whatever consumers will borrow regardless of te amount of cash in the bank? Is it to legitimize te system? 

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