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August 2012



Alpha, and statistics in investing

August 22, 2012 – Comments (11)

I am currently studying for CFA, and right now I am studying the statistics part. While I find statsitics to be a relatively easy math, I don't see its usefulness in investing.  [more]



Why, on average, do scientists not get paid much?

August 22, 2012 – Comments (21)

My girlfriend recently graduated from college with a degree in chemsitry.  She is now working as a chemist for the local water authority making $25k a year.  There are plenty of jobs that don't require ANY college degree where you make more than $25k a year.  Chemistry is one of the harder degrees to get in college.  (Chemistry, physics, engineering, math, biochem, I guess architecture, chemical engineering).  Now I am not saying it takes a genius to get a science degree, but it takes a lot more work.  You need to study and practice calculus, linear algebra, Pchem, orgo, etc.  Whereas communication majors, business majors, and pretty much all non-STEM majors can pass a lot of their classes with just using common sense.  I was a business major (econ) and I did not have to study much.  I worked 35 hours a week and partied a lot, and was able to get decent grades without much effort.  My girlfriend had to put in 40-60 hours a week to obtain the same grades I did.  It's not as though she is not good at her field (she even came up with a new ligand, and got an A in quantum mechanics), but it requires a lot more studying and work to master.  [more]

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