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October 2013



Why aren't net interest margins higher?

October 31, 2013 – Comments (3)

If deposits or capital cost a bank 3%, and they lend it out for 4%....the NIM should NOT be 1%. They are paying 3% on the desposits, and then they are lending for 4%....but they are lending 5-10 times leveraged. So 5x leverage on 4% loans is 20% minus the 3% capital requirements, NIM should be 17%....this is all of course before building and employee expenses etc

What am I missing?  [more]



Couldn't raising interest rates actually create inflation?

October 23, 2013 – Comments (2)

The fed creates money out of nowhere in order to pay interest on federal debt. So I understand that higher rates makes people less likely to borrow and therefore less likely for new money to be created. But higher rates means the fed has to print even more money than before just to pay interest. More money being printed would lead to more inflation.   [more]



Price inflation due to monetary inflation, and interest rates?

October 13, 2013 – Comments (10)

i think my brain must not be working right today....  [more]



Anybody' know how to get in touch with binve?

October 07, 2013 – Comments (2)

Anybody have his email address? I've been reading some of his blogs and really caught my attention and have some questions to ask him

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