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Valyooo (34.62)

November 2011



Hero's, defined by America

November 29, 2011 – Comments (5)

I see the word 'hero' or 'heroic' thrown around a lot in many different ways.    [more]



Handy man

November 21, 2011 – Comments (26)

I will be moving in to my own apartment soon, and paying my own rent for the first time ever (well i pay my mom $150 a month now but that doesn't count).  Soon enough I will want my own house.  I never met my father or grandfather, and I had no siblings.  I was raised by my mom and grandma, and I always lived in a citi, and we always rented so we always had a super.  Due to these circumstances, I know NOTHING about handy all.  I can use a screwdriver and a hammer when instructed but thats about it.  I can't do any housework other than cleaning.  I wanted to do habitat for humanity but they only have 1 weekend available every 4 months.    [more]

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