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February 2012



Tomorrow is the day.

February 24, 2012 – Comments (0)

Tomorrow I think I find out if my bet on CAPS pays off. S&P weekly closing high last year was 1363.61 and if it finishes down tomorrow the small correction will start. Looking to be back in around 1275. This is all based on charts. I did this just because of Carter Worth on CNBC.....He stated that the first time it tries to break through it will probably fail. We will see I guess. That being said it is never a good idea to try and time the market. This will pry be a prime example on why you shouldnt! I'll get over it though it's just CAPS.  [more]




February 14, 2012 – Comments (0)

Looks like a pull back is coming. Looking at a bunch of stock charts there are some gaps that need to be filled. I am betting the market will be higher by year's end but in the short run S&P looks like it could go back down under 1300. I would bet all of those gaps will be filled on each of the stock charts I looked at. And at first I thought we would see a S&P level just over 1370 (inta-day) before it happened and I thought we would have been at that level by last week. ( It could still happen at 1370) But now I think the pullback will happen before the 1370 level. The VIX chart is the reason I think so.....with a reversal happening last week. That being said trying to time the market is a bad idea but I like CAPS giving me the chance to do so without risking money.   [more]

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