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valuemoney (< 20)

June 2012




June 26, 2012 – Comments (9)

I made a new profile. I should have done it a long time ago. This profile is green thumb picks only. No red thumb picks will be made. This profile is of pick I would make as an actual investor. These are long term picks and will not be ended unless they get massively overpriced or something happens with the company of a major scale to make me change my mind. I am looking at the following when it comes to making my picks. ROE, ROI,margins, earnings growth rates for the next 5 years and beyond, share buybacks, management, balance sheets, cash flow, retained earnings, industry leaders and last but not least PE. Many stocks will not be on the list. This is because I will not be picking certain industry because I am not comfortable judging value. Energy and precious metals are 2 of them, tech to a certain degree is a 3rd. Anything comodity related also. I will pick industy leaders in energy like XOM maybe if it gets way undervalued. I am not looking for bottom bargain prices either. If the equity is cheaper than the market and it fits my screen I will add it to my picks. I am currently tracking about 100 companies. I am open to ideas so please feel free to suggest your ideas. If I don't agree or shoot holes in your idea don't be mad. It might be I am just not comfortable picking that particular equity. I am looking for stable growing stocks. Follow the page if you like. These are only ideas so do your own research. I may own any of these picks at any time. Currently I own BRK.B and BAC. I used to own WFC. WFC used to make up 100% of my portfollio. My equity exposure in real life is very concentrated. I usually never own more than 5 equities at one time. I created this profile to show ideas and track them. I wanted a profile without all of these GARBAGE picks I make on this current profile. The valuemoney profile is for points that is it and market timing is also a big factor, not a very good profile to follow if one is interested in getting ideas about INVESTING. You won't see huge gains on VALUEMONEYGREEN but the profile will give you an idea of what I look for when making an investment. I will put a pitch for each equity when I pick it. Currently there are none but I will get to it when I have time.  [more]

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