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November 2009




November 23, 2009 – Comments (7)

Gold. I think gold is retarded. I mean come-on what is the point, This is 2009. We are not cavemen anymore. We do have currency markets. I dont understand why anyone would invest in Gold. The are way too many other reasonable ways to protect against the falling Dollar. Gold really isn't good for much. I wish anyone who buys gold would have to get the gold itself. Then they can put the gold in their room at home and look at it. And one day the would wake up and say " what was I thinking buying this?". Then go and have to try to go and get rid of it. Take a trip to the store and take a piece of that gold with u, throw it on the counter. The cashier would look at u as if u'd been smoking something, and say "what's that?". U would go "It's GOLD, it's worth a lot".  Casher respondes "GROW UP!" and "come back when u have some real cash". U leave with your head down saying "stupid gold" I thought u were good. Now u basically have this itty bitty yellow rock that has done nothing for u. Silver can at least be used for many different things. Dido for copper and diamonds. Black gold (oil) u can refine make gas for your car and go somewhere. Then there is gold, what a joke. MARKET VALUE= $1164.70 ....... FAIR VALUE = $8.45  [more]



Investing Books

November 23, 2009 – Comments (2)

The 100 best stocks you can buy for 2010. Is a book I saw at Barnes&Noble last night. I would have to say their 100 was pretty impressive. Worth getting the book in my mind. Book for the value investor. Check it out.

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